Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 36

This is the first time that the three girls use their human toilet and they make it special by first eating their breakfast and then going in to take a shit all over his face and mouth. The three pretty ladies have their stomachs full after the big breakfast and they let loose on top of the slave with all of the shit. He must swallow it all.

We were walking outside the town. Together with my girls Sweetbaby and Miss Jane we had a lot of fun! Then we suddenly heard someone calling for help! We immediately run to him - but of course not to help him! :D We took his money, his cellphone and the key of his car. And then we pee and shit onto his face! He was so helpless but we had a lot of fun! And we are sure that he won't cry for help again... We are NOT some nice girls...!

Sandy used this toilet before but she wants to further increase the humiliation. She ate and drink a lot so she is sure that she can shit a bigger amount this time. And she was right...! She had to piss more than last time. She pisses one minute or more while a huge turd is inside the mouth of the toilet slave... And it seems that there is no end...!

Kiki loves to try something new! We asked her to use a human toilet after her next breakfast. First she looked really surprised but then she agreed happily to shit into the mouth of a toilet slave! She thought that it is a very funny thing. At least for one of them... And she was right! She shits a long sausage out of her asshole right into his mouth! She likes the strong feeling of domination!

The girls like to have a huge breakfast portion at the morning. They drink a lot of coffee and talk together. After the breakfast there is always lot of work to do for the human toilet! The girls sit down on the toilet chair and relax - and then unload huge piles of shit onto the toilet slave! Here you can see three girls shitting on one toilet slave on after another - can he handle it...?

Messalina wears a tight jeans mini and looks very gorgeous! But this short skirt has only one particular reason: To better shit into a slave's mouth! She sits down on the toilet seat where her slave is already waiting below. Then she raises her skirt a little bit and starts to shit a huge pile of scat onto his mouth! It seems that so much shit can nobody handle. But she still tries to make him clean up the mess...!

Princess Nikki is in the bathroom with her toilet slave. This time she wants to shit him right into his mouth! There is no escape and he has to take EVERYTHING! And she doesn't let him go this time. She wants him to chew and eat the whole shit! There is no escape! But there is also another toilet slave waiting... He will also get another portion of shit and pee...!

Keisha is a ebony girl with a big butt! She ate a lot and drunk some cups of coffee too. Now she has to shit very soon. Because of so much coffee her stomach pains and she has to empty it NOW! She is very happy that she has the human toilet which she can always use! So she unloads a mushy load out of her asshole on his mouth!

... to pee and shit! The slave lies on the ground and has to take whatever Jenny wants him to take! She places a toilet seat right above his head and sits down. Her gorgeous ass is the last thing he can see - before a huge pile of shit and lot of pee leaving her asshole and pussy! And because he wants to be a good slave he has to catch everything with his mouth... How disgusting!

Mistress Gaia likes to fulfill the request of her customers! And this customer wanted a remake of her clip while she used a slave as her personal toilet the whole day. He had to lay down under a toilet chair the whole day. His mouth was "cleaned" with a toilet brush and he had to eat a lot of shit! But this is exactly what a toilet slave has to do...!

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