Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 29

Mistress Gaia saw this guy stealing her stuff from the CCTV and she searched for him. She knew him but he did not know her. When she finally caught up with him, he thought that she was interested in him. But when they were alone together, he realized she was not. She told him what he had done and punished him by making him eat her shit then made him return her stuff. He quit stealing.

Mistress Roxy was new to the shit fetish but she was determined to be one of the best at it. That is why she practiced everyday to make sure she became better at it. She made her slave lick her ass and even eat her shit. She tried all angles and all ways that her mind told her. She went to the extent of augmenting it with things like using her slave as a human ashtray.

Mistress Roberta has a shit fetish and likes to use it for her own good. She reserves it for those people who think that they cannot do what she tells them or who think that she is harmless. She likes to take them by surprise and make them do something they never thought they would do in a million years. And when they finally eat her shit, she loves the look on their faces.

Goddess Amirha is a hot mistress with a great ass. She loves to use her ass to fool guys and humiliate them. She does not do it for the shit but she does it for the chance to see the humiliated faces of the guys. She came home with this guy from the club and she made him lick and smell her ass and pussy and just as he was getting excited, she made him eat her shit.

Princess Nikki has a thing for shit. She knows it is the one thing she can use to punish her slaves with that will be effective any time anywhere. Today she did not know what to do with her slave when she had heard he was selling some of her stuff. She decided to use her effective punishment method. She made him eat her shit and then refund her for all the things he had sold.

Mistress Karina found her slave engaging in behavior she did not approve of. She was pissed and had to make him change. She took him home and she made him lie down. She got on top of him and she made him eat her shit. She forced him to eat it all and swallow it. That would teach him never to do things she did not approve of. He learned his lesson.

This mistress is as cruel as they come. She is one of those mistresses who punish their slaves at any moment even without any provocation. She entered her slave's room today morning and found him sleeping. She dragged him out of bed and made him eat her shit. The poor slave could not do anything about it and ate her shit and the mistress told him that would be his breakfast.

Mistress Anna has perfected the art of using shit fetish to punish and humiliate her slaves. She had gone on holiday and now she was back to continue with her favorite fetish. She called her slave to his punishment room and she made him eat her shit. She made him eat her shit for dinner that day telling him that she had had expensive food and did not want to waste it.

This mistress had a running stomach. It was brought about by what her slave had cooked the previous night. She was pissed that he had given her food poisoning and she would be damned if she was going to suffer alone. So instead of shitting in the toilet, she turned him into her human toilet and she shit into his mouth and made him eat all that diarrhea that came from her ass.

Rosella's curious about a message from a new slave. He begged for her shit and asserts, that he would eat all of it in a live session. She invites him and wants to see if he's just a fake loser or really a perverted shit eater. Rosella wasn't on toilet for four days and gives her new slave a quite foul pile of shit and - really - he eats all of it just like he promised! As a reward he's allowed to jerk off after the feast.

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