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This guy had a condescending attitude towards other people and he had the same attitude towards mistress Milana. The mistress is not the kind of person to be looked down upon and let it go. She was not going to take it lying down and she plotted his take down. The mistress used her shit fetish to punish him and make him learn to respect all people no matter their stations in life.

Mistress Anna wanted to make a collection of her extreme fetishes so she started by recording herself whenever she indulged in them. She started with her femdom toilet fetish. She recorded herself taking a dump on this guy who she had lured with the promises of having fun but he ended up degraded and humiliated like never before. The guy regretted falling for her trap but she achieved her goal.

Mistress Gaia loves to be in control at all times and today was no exception. The mistress made sure that this guy understood that she was not messing around and she had to have her way. He was shocked at what the mistress did to him to pass her message and he assured her that her message was received loud and clear and he begged her to let him go.

Mistress Jennifer had high expectations for her assistant. She felt like she had finally gotten an assistant who could match her expectations. But he messed up and she was disappointed in him. But still, she did not want to let him go. So instead, she punished him and she used her scat fetish to do it. He was trampled and forced to eat shit before she let him continue with his job.

Princess Adelaide and princess Georgie love to entertain and today they planned to put on a femdom toilet show for those who were willing to pay for it. They got people who were interested and they got started on their show. It entailed shitting on this guy and also feeding him pee as if it was a hospital drip. It was naughty and kinky, which is what the audience wanted.

Mistress Lila wanted to go on extreme mode and she did it today with this guy who had promised her that he was into extreme fetishes. When he got to her house, she did not waste time getting started. She got undressed and she had him eat her out before she bent over and she got him to eat out her ass and then do the same to her poo.

Mistress Milana wanted a slave who was fit but she got one who was not. The mistress did not mind as she knew she had the power to make him become fit. The mistress hired him and immediately got down to making him do things her way. The mistress chose to whip and torture him by turning him into a human toilet. It worked and he learned to work out and become fit.

Mistress Domi wanted to show this guy that she was not going to take no for an answer. She was desperate in her quest to get him to do something for her. He tried to refuse but she did not take no for an answer. Instead, she turned him into a scat eater. He had to eat her shit and thereafter, he did what she wanted. She asked him why he was refusing and now he had done it but he did not have an answer.

Mistress Anna did not mind helping this guy. All he needed to do was to ask her but instead of doing that, he pissed her off by stealing from her. When she found out, she did not bother with the fact that he was needy. She was dealing with him like a thief. The mistress turned him into a human toilet as punishment so that he never resorted to stealing again.

Lady Yuna was not about to let her slave disobey her the way he had. The mistress wanted to show the loser that she was not the kind of person to be disobeyed and then he gets away with it. So she used her shit to punish him. He had to eat her poo and swallow all of it. And she did not want him to eat it from a plate but rather directly from her asshole.

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