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Princess Brooke does not like it when people try to piss her off or to dare her. This guy dared her and he regretted it because she made sure that he ate her shit and that he drank her pee. He wished he had not dared her because she took him up on it and made sure she did what he had dared her. He never dared anyone after that.

Mistress Gaia was out to dominate and to degrade this guy. She did it with her hot shit because she wanted him to go through something he had never been through. That is why she made sure that he ate her shit and that he washed it down with her pee. He could not believe that he had been made to do that but he did it anyway as he did not have an alternative.

When this guy snitched on mistress anna and princess Nastia, he had to be punished. The mistresses felt that the most appropriate punishment for him was to shit on him. And that is why they settled on it and they went ahead to turn him into a human toilet. He ate shit and drank pee both as a punishment as well as for their own fun and amusement. But he learned never to snitch.

This guy had refused to eat this mistress' shit and she felt that she could not let him get away with that refusal. So she went ahead to dominate and humiliate him with her high heels in an effort to force him to do what she wanted done. That is how he was made to eat her shit as well as drink her pee. He had no choice but to do it all.

Princess Scarlet wanted to sadistically torture this guy. After she had pondered it for a while, she felt that the best way for her to do it was to shit on him and she went ahead to do it. The guy was shocked by what the mistress did to him and he learned that she was not going to let him get away with it. That is how he changed his ways.

Mistress Kira knew that this guy needed to be made to eat shit so that he could stop his nonsense because he was full of it. The mistress knew that only being hard on him was going to work so she forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee. And the punishment worked the way the mistress had thought it was going to work because he was scared of her.

This guy took things for granted and when mistress Wael was done with him and sought someone else to do the work she had hired him to do for her, she used a dildo to deepthroat him and when she was done, she took a shit and made him eat it from the toilet. She wiped her ass and made him chew the toilet paper which was full of shit.

Goddess Tempest did not want this guy to waste her time and so she gave him a taste of her asshole. It came laden with her shit and he not only ate her shit, but he also drank her pee. He was shocked by what she did and that is how he learned never to disobey her and he always did what she asked him going forward. They never had any issue after that.

Mistress Wael felt that this guy had done some poor work and had performed poorly for her. So she felt that the best thing to do to him was to gift him as per his work. So she hyped the gift but when the time came, she used her shit to dominate him and told him that him eating her shit was the gift she was giving him because of the work he had done.

Mistress Iside did not like being stalked and she had to dominate the loser who did it. She had to do what she could to make sure it never happened again and that is why she made this loser eat her shit as well as drink her pee. The guy was shocked by what he saw and by what happened to him. He regretted stalking her and never did it again.

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