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Mistress Mystique and her friends did not like how this accountant handled their money and they had to make sure he gave back every coin that he embezzled before they let him go. The mistress mobilized her friends and together, they cruelly dominated the loser and made sure he learned never to con his customers again. He had to eat shit and drink pee for him to learn that lesson.

When mistress Karina realized that this loser was not going to cooperate with her and since she did not have any space to make any errors, she had to make sure he knew what the stakes were. He knew it once she turned him into a human toilet and fed him her shit. The guy cried and begged her to let him go and that he would cooperate with him.

Lady Luci did not want anyone ignorant working for her so she used her shit to dominate the guy and to make sure that he stopped being ignorant. The mistress went ahead to turn him into a human toilet and he did not have a choice but to do what she asked which was to eat poo and also drink pee. He also made to jerk off using her shit.

Mistress Gaia and her friend did not like how their boss made their lives hard. He held them to a different standard and he made sure they overachieved. They were pissed and could not get a chance to enjoy themselves as the other workers. So they plotted to deal with him and they did. They did it by torturing him using their pee as well as their shit. He never pissed them off again.

Mistress Mummy had built this employee from scratch and when she found out that he was the one who had betrayed the company, it hurt her deeply. She summoned him and she used her shit to dominate him. He had to eat all of her shit and he had no choice but to do what she wanted him to do. He also had to drink her urine before he was allowed to go.

Goddess Fatima was pissed at the fact that this blogger had said some bad things about her. What was worse was that they were false and she was not prepared to let him ruin people's reputations without any consequence. So she used her shit to dominate and to torture him. He was in pain as she facesat on him but that was not all. She also took a shit on him.

This guy was very bigoted and princess Araya did not want to let him get away with such views. She did not bother talking to him because he would not listen. She then used her shit to torture him and he was shocked that he was able to make her eat shit. He was degraded too but there was little he could do except eat the shit and pray she did not do anything else to him.

Mistress Jardena does not like people who reap where they did not sow. She was not going to let this guy do that to her again and that is why she had to punish him. It had to be the sort of punishment that he had never felt before so that it would help him stop being a con artist. She took a shit on him and it worked as he never conned anyone again.

Goddess Andova had a new slave and she did not want to take chances. She made sure that he learned his lesson early enough even before making any mistakes so that he would learn to do things the right way and he would not mess up with her. He would also learn to respect her and they would then live happily together. So she took a shit on him and got him to lick her asshole.

Lady Celine had a score to settle with this guy and she could not think of a better way to do it than to use her shit to do it. The mistress felt that she needed to torture the guy and bring the beef to an end. So the mistress turned the guy into a human toilet and she had a great time torturing him with her shit which he had to chew and swallow.

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