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When this mistress realized that this guy was not doing things her way, she had to find another way of forcing through her way since convincing him was not working. She turned him into a human toilet and she forced him to eat her shit. The mistress made sure he was her human toilet and human toilet paper and by the time she was done, he had agreed to do things her way.

This mistress was on a mission to teach this guy a lesson and she made sure it was something he would never forget for as long as he lived. The mistress facesat on him and while doing it, she chose to shit on him. He was shocked at the punishment he was being given and tried to plead for mercy but his mouth was full of shit and he could not talk.

Bossy babe loves to make her human toilet lay on the ground waiting for his treat. This toilet mistress likes her sexy black skirt, it's just short enough for her to squat down and expose her asshole. Her shit eating slave has to keep his log catching mouth wide open. Just waiting for the moment when his scatqueen decides to drop a turd into his undeserving mouth.

This girl was so pretentious that she pissed off mistress Gaia. She was also the kind of person who liked to gossip and mistress Gaia did not like that. When she made her the topic of discussion based on falsehoods, she had to find a way to teach her a lesson and she did it after she had invited her to her house. While there, she gave her something to talk about when she turned her into a human toilet and she had to eat shit.

Madame Ellen was shocked to learn that this guy was taking advantage of her and she did not like it. He was trying to avoid keeping his end of the bargain but she was not going to allow it. The mistress chose to dominate him with her shit and that is what she did. She turned him into her human toilet and he had to endure the torture he received.

Lady Celine knows how to do crazy things and today was no exception. The mistress chose to finger herself in the ass and once she pulled out her finger, she got this guy to lick it clean. It had some shit on it but she told him she did not want shit or even smell on it. He was so scared of her and did not want further punishment so he did it.

Mistress Anna wanted this guy to work for her. But she did not have enough money to afford him. So she had to use an unorthodox way to make him work for her. So she used her shit to dominate and degrade him. He was turned into a human toilet and as he ate her shit, he felt it was easier to accept her deal and work for her until he finished her assignment then continue with his life.

When this girl was rude to mistress Natalia, she did not know that she was digging her own grave. She was used to being rude to people without any consequences but today was a different day as the mistress forced her to eat her shit to punish her for what she did. The girl was horrified but she could not do anything other than what she had been ordered to do.

Mistress Gaia wanted to make her slave a human toilet. So that is what she did to him today. She improvised a toilet seat for her human toilet and she used it as she took a shit on him. The loser could not believe she was actually going ahead with the plan and he tried his best to beg her to stop but she ignored his concerns and did what she wanted.

This mistress had hired this plumber to do some work for her but she did not like the kind of work that he did. She felt that she had to punish him and that is what she did. The mistress turned him into a human toilet and she took a shit and a piss on him. He was degraded so that he learned to do his job in a better way.

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