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Lady Yuna felt heavy. She needed to shed some weight so she decided to start with her shit first. She had this guy turned into a human toilet and she enjoyed herself shitting on him. The mistress made sure the slave had eaten her shit and that he had swallowed all of it before she felt it was better to let him go as he had endured a lot from her.

This mistress hates spies and when she realized this guy was spying on her, she laid a trap for him. She did not let him know she had found out about him. She pretended to be clueless and then punished him for it. She tortured him by forcing him to eat shit and do other degrading things till he told her who had hired him and what information he had gathered so far.

Mistress Roxy was new to the shit fetish but she was determined to be one of the best at it. That is why she practiced everyday to make sure she became better at it. She made her slave lick her ass and even eat her shit. She tried all angles and all ways that her mind told her. She went to the extent of augmenting it with things like using her slave as a human ashtray.

This mistress is as cruel as they come. She is one of those mistresses who punish their slaves at any moment even without any provocation. She entered her slave's room today morning and found him sleeping. She dragged him out of bed and made him eat her shit. The poor slave could not do anything about it and ate her shit and the mistress told him that would be his breakfast.

This mistress had a running stomach. It was brought about by what her slave had cooked the previous night. She was pissed that he had given her food poisoning and she would be damned if she was going to suffer alone. So instead of shitting in the toilet, she turned him into her human toilet and she shit into his mouth and made him eat all that diarrhea that came from her ass.

When Goddess Amirha plans something, she does so meticulously. She does not like anything to go wrong with her plan. She was planning to humiliate her landlord before she vacated her place. And that is what she did. She even went ahead and made a toilet bench which she placed his face when she invited him to come and check out fake complaints she had. Then she facesat on him and made him eat her shit.

It takes a whole lot of scat to feed that number of slaves, but Rosella increases her output by sharing her piss and spit, too. She will bring up 9 slaves here and let you watch everything, so that you know what's awaiting you. She feeds them with fluid shit instead of preparing them slowly. But it's from naught to sixty! Really foul and dirty meal. Do you wanna be the next one?

The toilet slave is already very hungry and waiting for his two goddesses to feed him. He gets his extra meal, as his wife took a friend of hers to a scat session to try something very dirty. Both mistresses are brimmed and spray their shit in different stiffness around the slave's mouth. From time to time he gets some piss to flush down the turds. Afterwards he has to clean up their sweet little assholes with his nasty tongue!

Today the ladies wanna know if one slave can serve all five of them. Imagine what an honor this would be for her human toilet if he passes the test! The scat party starts and one after another lady shits the slave into his mouth. And nothing should get lost on its way! He swallows every sausage, if small or large; originally another slave should take part, but he's late for about two hours..that's gonna end shitty!

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