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Mistress Gaia was out to dominate and to degrade this guy. She did it with her hot shit because she wanted him to go through something he had never been through. That is why she made sure that he ate her shit and that he washed it down with her pee. He could not believe that he had been made to do that but he did it anyway as he did not have an alternative.

Mistress Gaia knew that she had to find a way to punish this loser so that he did not get used to pissing her off. He had to improve himself and that is why she chose to use her shit to degrade him. The mistress wanted him to eat her shit and drink her pee and thereafter, she had no doubt that he would change the way she wanted him to.

Mistress Gaia wanted to show this guy that she was not one to be messed with or even taken for granted. That is why she chose to dominate him and she did it as cruelly as she could. The mistress made sure that he ate her shit and he drank her pee before she considered the punishment worth it. She asked the guy not to mess with her again and he did not.

Mistress Gaia realized that this woman was drunk and so she took advantage of her. She made her thing that she had done something bad and it was only mistress Gaia who could help him. And so her prize for helping her was to eat her shit and the woman was so scared that she agreed to do what mistress Gaia asked her to do so that she did not suffer any consequences.

This girl got both pain and pleasure from mistress Gaia. She got her to have fun and she degraded her in equal measure. The mistress used her shit to dominate him and then she used her strapon to fuck her until she came. The girl was confused by it all as one time she was having a bad time and the next time she was on top of the world.

Mistress Gaia wanted this girl slave to learn to lick her shoes as well as to learn to eat her shit. She wanted to humiliate her so that she feared her and in so doing, would never piss her off. She had had a lot of slaves piss her off and she wanted to tame this one early enough so that they would not have problems. And it worked as intended.

This girl was so pretentious that she pissed off mistress Gaia. She was also the kind of person who liked to gossip and mistress Gaia did not like that. When she made her the topic of discussion based on falsehoods, she had to find a way to teach her a lesson and she did it after she had invited her to her house. While there, she gave her something to talk about when she turned her into a human toilet and she had to eat shit.

Mistress Gaia wanted to make her slave a human toilet. So that is what she did to him today. She improvised a toilet seat for her human toilet and she used it as she took a shit on him. The loser could not believe she was actually going ahead with the plan and he tried his best to beg her to stop but she ignored his concerns and did what she wanted.

This guy mistook mistress Gaia for one of his bullies. He tried to mess with her and he regretted as things did not go according to script. The mistress gave him a taste of his own medicine by shitting on him and making sure he ate all of her shit. And her pee was a bonus for him as he used it to wash down the shit he had eaten.

Mistress Gaia loves to be in control at all times and today was no exception. The mistress made sure that this guy understood that she was not messing around and she had to have her way. He was shocked at what the mistress did to him to pass her message and he assured her that her message was received loud and clear and he begged her to let him go.

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