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Mistress Gaia saw this guy stealing her stuff from the CCTV and she searched for him. She knew him but he did not know her. When she finally caught up with him, he thought that she was interested in him. But when they were alone together, he realized she was not. She told him what he had done and punished him by making him eat her shit then made him return her stuff. He quit stealing.

Mistress Gaia rides her slave's face completely naked, until his breathing ability was reduced successfully. She uses a beld to tighten his head to her ass and pussy, so he can't escape her nasty farts! In her very own manner she then shits into her slave's mouth, and because he has no room to escape, he has to eat her turds or he won't breathe properly for the next few minutes!

This slave will soon learn, that this is gonna be his lucky day! Because he gets a double treatment from his divine Mistress Gaia AND is allowed to play with his cock. But he's only allowed to cum on her command. Until then he receives some shit of his goddess while he's lying on the floor. Mistress Gaia drops it directly in his mouth. Then she dominates him with her feet during his own handjob.

This guy has traveled far to eat Mistress Gaia's shit. Gaia wants her house slave to take part in it and provide him with even more shit, so that he doesn't get hungry during his visit. While Gaia and her bitch shit him into his dirty mouth, he chews everything pretty thoroughly and Gaia pushes the rest with her rubber glove fingers deeper into his throat. The scat he's craving for turns him on, so that he has to wank while receiving his turds to relieve his buckled cock.

Mistress Gaia has planned a special dinner for her slave today. She makes him lie down with his head between two boxes, steps on the boxes and squats naked over his face - then she shits right into his open mouth. She takes a massive dump that quickly fills up the slave's mouth and piles up on top of his lips. Then she gets off, wipes her hot ass and watches him as he struggles to swallow her stinky scat.

The toilet slave seems to be hungry! He hasn't eaten something for quite a time - and so Mistress Gaia decides to serve him something today. Of course the slave never will be allowed to eat the same stuff which the Lady eats - but today he will get something fresh too: A tasty sausage right out of Mistress Gaia's ass! Right from the producer to the consumer! How does it taste, slave!?

Mistress Gaia wrapped a black plastic bag around her slave's neck with only holes for his mouth and nose - he isn't allowed to see her naked behind as she squats over his face. What he didn't know before - she has a terrible stomach flu at the moment and will dump a huge load of stinky diarrhea on his face. The poo more or less splatters out of her butthole and covers the slave's face within seconds - of course he gets quite a lot into his mouth as well - and he already knows that he'll have to eat it completely to satisfy his scat mistress.

You little pervert! Do you believe that I don't know of your pervert dreams? I exactly know that you want to watch me shitting! You want to see every little detail, you pervert! So don't miss this clip! :D It is all you ever wanted! I use some cellophane so you can see EVERYTHING you DESIRE! You can see the shit coming out of my sexy asshole. And then it lands right onto his face...!

Now you can see everything you always dreamed about: Mistress Gaia's ass right above your face! She will shit directly onto your head - and better open your mouth so you can eat the whole scat later on! If you don't do so mistress Gaia will be upset and her rage can be endless! And that is something you won't try to find out, will you...? So eat the shit and shut up!

Mistress Gaia sits on her glass throne and drops her nice shit into the slaves open mouth. He is lucky slave to receive the gift of her nice hot brown shit as the pretty Gaia delivers the special package for him. She is wearing her sexy black high heel shoes as she shits a full load on the slave. he captures her shit in his mouth and swallows it.

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