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Mistress Lola was not pleased with a slave taking her for granted and she was so angry at him that she knew it was time to do something to him. She did not hesitate using her shit as a weapon and she made him eat her poo as well as drink her pee. And in the process, he came to his mind, apologized and he told the mistress he would never do it again.

Mistress Christina is a quiet one and many people do not read her accurately. This slave had stayed with her for some months but he did not learn her well. He pissed her off and she had to do something about it and she did. She did this by shitting on him and forcing him to swallow her shit. She also had him swallow her saliva when she spat into his mouth.

Mistress Rosella gets easily bored. Of all things, today she got bored of her toilet and she felt like getting another one. Before she could do that, she decided to test a new kind of toilet. She turned her slave into her human toilet and she had fun shitting on him. She enjoyed as he ate her shit and swallowed it and she felt great that she had not wasted her shit.

When his mistress wants to shit, she takes her very special toilet to conserve her good toilet bowl in the bathroom. She has her slave lying on the floor and waiting for the moment she wants to get some relief from her creamy pressure. His mistress prepared a chair to sit comfortably while shitting into his stupid face and only caring about the fact, that he shall catch it all up correctly between his lips and take care of the floor!

She conserved her shit the whole day long, just to give her toilet the full dose of her acid shit today. Mistress Raw Desires sits down on the chair above his face and lets him first smell some of her tasty farts. Shen she shits a huge pile into his mouth that he can eat. To make it easier for him to swallow, she gives him a piss afterwards, because he should have enough time to clean up her asshole with his tongue when she's finished!

Looks like tremendous fun! There's only one slave who has to handle twenty women at a pissing party. They use him for everything - every girl pisses in his mouth of course, and he has to drink it all! Some of them let him lick their dirty shoes before they flux it with their piss, and some spit at him. He wanks his dick while he gets abused and tortured!

It's so much fun to torture stupid, overstrained slaves like him. The mistresses make fun of him and his inability to cope with the situation. He doesn't have the balls to defend himself against them and lies helplessly on the floor. Then his mistresses rub their dirty assholes on his face to welcome him to his new fate. After that they shit their acid mud on his chest and comminute it all over his fat, hairy body.

One of Lady Chantal's slave bitches brings her less money and he must pay the ultimate price. She abuses him as she makes him feel some needles and dildos and additionally a huge load of scat and pee, for what he starts vomiting. In the end he is covered with all of her shit and pee and lies like a whimpering dog on the floor naked as the day he was born.

We were walking outside the town. Together with my girls Sweetbaby and Miss Jane we had a lot of fun! Then we suddenly heard someone calling for help! We immediately run to him - but of course not to help him! :D We took his money, his cellphone and the key of his car. And then we pee and shit onto his face! He was so helpless but we had a lot of fun! And we are sure that he won't cry for help again... We are NOT some nice girls...!

... to pee and shit! The slave lies on the ground and has to take whatever Jenny wants him to take! She places a toilet seat right above his head and sits down. Her gorgeous ass is the last thing he can see - before a huge pile of shit and lot of pee leaving her asshole and pussy! And because he wants to be a good slave he has to catch everything with his mouth... How disgusting!

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