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Mistress Yana and her friends had been betrayed by this bitch and they had to teach her a lesson. They did not know what to do to her and mistress Yana stepped forward and she told them to use femdom toilet to do it as it was effective. They agreed and she led the way and they followed her. It was a great and crazy punishment for the snitch and she never snitched again.

Lady Shay met this guy who had a thing for name calling and she was pissed as he did it often and did not stop even when he was called out. She was not about to let him get away with it so she used her shit to make him realize that it was going to cost him to be a name caller. He was shocked as he had never been held to account before.

Mistress Cassie did not want a temperamental slave in her house and when she noticed that this one was, she had to ask him to change. She even politely told him the reasons why it was wrong for him to be temperamental. But he did not heed her message and her warning and he went on being temperamental. So she used her shit to make sure that he stopped that nonsense.

This guy annoyed mistress Lola so much that she could not help but shit on him. She did not want him to think that she was ok with the things he did and that is why she used her shit because she knew it was an extreme punishment and he would freak out when she used it on him. That way, he would fear her and never try to mess with her.

Because her slave had been making shitty mistakes, mistress Mummy chose to give him shit for breakfast. And she served it to him hot. She made him eat the poo directly from her asshole and she did not care what he felt. The mistress also peed on him and asked him to wash down the shit with her pee. Without saying a word, she had punished and changed the guy.

This mistress needed this guy to keep her secrets and she was pissed at him. She had to make sure he learned his lesson and that he would never tell anyone anything about her. So she took a shit on him and she got him to eat all of it and also lick her asshole before she let him go. He never told anyone anything as he was afraid of what she would do to him.

Mistress Mystique and her friends did not like how this accountant handled their money and they had to make sure he gave back every coin that he embezzled before they let him go. The mistress mobilized her friends and together, they cruelly dominated the loser and made sure he learned never to con his customers again. He had to eat shit and drink pee for him to learn that lesson.

Madame Ellen wanted this guy to work for her but he did not want. She was so pissed as she did not know anyone else who had her skills. So she used her shit fetish to force him to work for her. She told him she would make him eat her shit everyday until he agreed to work for her. He had no choice but to do it so as to avoid eating shit.

This lazy slave wanted to be paid but mistress Leah did not feel like he needed or deserved to be paid. She felt that he was lazy and he did not do anything worth paying for. So she used her shit to pay him as she felt that that was what his work in her house was worth. The slave was shocked but he learned never to be lazy again.

This girl was so pretentious that she pissed off mistress Gaia. She was also the kind of person who liked to gossip and mistress Gaia did not like that. When she made her the topic of discussion based on falsehoods, she had to find a way to teach her a lesson and she did it after she had invited her to her house. While there, she gave her something to talk about when she turned her into a human toilet and she had to eat shit.

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