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This guy misled madame Ellen and she was so pissed at him to the extent that she had to teach him a lesson and to make him never do that not just to her, but to anyone else for that matter. And that is how the guy changed because he did not want to be degraded and tortured the way the mistress had done to him. She even had her friend help her to shit on him.

Madame Ellen has a hot ass and it is the envy of many. But she also knows how to use it to dominate and humiliate. That is what she did to this guy as she used the same ass to tease him and then used that ass to shit on him. It brought the guy fun but it was also the source of his humiliation as well as degradation and he could not do anything about it.

Madame Ellen wanted this guy to work for her but he did not want. She was so pissed as she did not know anyone else who had her skills. So she used her shit fetish to force him to work for her. She told him she would make him eat her shit everyday until he agreed to work for her. He had no choice but to do it so as to avoid eating shit.

This guy was insensitive and madame Ellen took it upon herself to educate him. But he was impervious to reason and he did not want to be corrected. So she let him be but he messed up and he called her names and said some inappropriate things which she would not stomach. So she turned him into a human toilet and he had to eat her poo as punishment for his behavior.

This guy snitched on madame Ellen and she did not like it. She had to punish him and make sure he did not snitch on her or anyone else for that matter. She used her shit to punish him because she felt that was what would make him learn his lesson better. The mistress took a video of how she degraded him and she loved how humiliated he was by the punishment.

Madame Ellen was shocked to learn that this guy was taking advantage of her and she did not like it. He was trying to avoid keeping his end of the bargain but she was not going to allow it. The mistress chose to dominate him with her shit and that is what she did. She turned him into her human toilet and he had to endure the torture he received.

Madame Ellen did not want to encourage her slave to be rude. When she noticed that behavior, she had to tame it and nip it in the bud. So the mistress used her shit to do it. The mistress made him eat her shit and she also got him to jerk off when he was done eating her poo. He had never experienced such before and he feared her and never messed with her again.

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