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Madam Tulpan wanted this guy to remember her and so she punished him in a way she was sure he would never forget. And that is why she used her femdom toilet fetish to do it. He was turned into a human toilet and he had to eat her poo as well as drink her urine. Before she was done with him, she also had him lick her asshole clean.

Goddess Andova wanted a slave who was able to discuss things in a mature way but this slave did not know how to do that. He pissed off the mistress when he tried to give her the silent treatment. She turned him into a shit slave and she fed her poo. That is what made him regret what he had done and he knew he had to change his behavior.

Mistress Zephy took a shit on the floor and she asked her slave to clean it but he refused. He angered her with his refusal and that is what made her turn him into a shit slave and she fed him her poo. He was shocked and he knew he had to learn to obey her at all times if he did not want to be degraded in that manner before.

Princess Brooke does not like it when people try to piss her off or to dare her. This guy dared her and he regretted it because she made sure that he ate her shit and that he drank her pee. He wished he had not dared her because she took him up on it and made sure she did what he had dared her. He never dared anyone after that.

Mistress Gaia was out to dominate and to degrade this guy. She did it with her hot shit because she wanted him to go through something he had never been through. That is why she made sure that he ate her shit and that he washed it down with her pee. He could not believe that he had been made to do that but he did it anyway as he did not have an alternative.

Mistress Karina and mistress Anna wanted to dominate this guy for being daft. The mistresses were angered by how dumb he was and they did not want him to associate with them because they feared he would make them dumb as well. So they made him eat their shit and when he was done, they forced him to drink their pee as well as lick their asses. He avoided them like a plaque.

Mistress Jardena wanted to shit on this guy because he was smelling badly. She did not want to be associated with such a person and she chose to make him learn how he smelled by shitting on him so that he would change. He was shocked at what she did and that is how he knew that he had to change and stop smelling badly to her. He changed immediately.

Goddess Andova was angered by what her boss had done in firing her and she felt that the appropriate thing to do now that she was no longer an employee was to shit on him and make him eat it. He had no choice but to do what she wanted. And she actually felt better afterwards since she did not have to explain to him or anyone else after that.

Mistress Zephy was pissed at how rude this guy was with her and she had to find a way to deal with him. The mistress did not want the guy to be rude to anyone else and that is why she chose to use shit to degrade and punish him. He was humiliated by what she did to him and she loved how he was dominated and she knew he would change.

Mistress Gaia knew that she had to find a way to punish this loser so that he did not get used to pissing her off. He had to improve himself and that is why she chose to use her shit to degrade him. The mistress wanted him to eat her shit and drink her pee and thereafter, she had no doubt that he would change the way she wanted him to.

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