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Mistress Anna had always heard of scat fetish but it was not until today that she got the chance to try it. She was so excited to try it that she could not calm down. The mistress chose to do the sort of things that she had always imagined if she got the chance to take a shit on a guy. She tried them and some more and had the time of her life.

Mistress Anna and her boyfriend discussed some crazy things including how shit got out of the asshole and also how it tasted given it came from delicious food. Instead of discussing it any further, she decided to make him see how it was done and even to give him a taste of it. The mistress took a shit on her man and she also had him eat her poo before she asked him to tell her his experience

Mistress Lila was approached by this guy and he told her how he had a fetish for licking shit, asses and even smelling farts from hot women like her. He told her he was dying to do it as he had not done it in a while. The mistress agreed to it but she first of all had him eat her pussy and when he was done and she had cum, she let him enjoy her ass and her shit.

Lady Yuna has a good ass and this guy was admiring it. She could tell he was into her and she capitalized on it to dominate him. She went home with him and she had a great time teasing him and when she felt the time was right, making him eat her shit. She spared him her urine but that was not a consolation as her shit was already bad enough.

Mistress Bianc is a hot and naughty girl. She had a crush on this girl and she had a crush on this guy. But hers is not your average crush. The mistress likes to degrade her crushes and not to stalk them or have fun with them like other people do. So she approached him and she got him to go to her place. He went and he immediately regretted it as she got him to eat her shit.

Mistress Anna did not mind helping this guy. All he needed to do was to ask her but instead of doing that, he pissed her off by stealing from her. When she found out, she did not bother with the fact that he was needy. She was dealing with him like a thief. The mistress turned him into a human toilet as punishment so that he never resorted to stealing again.

Lady Yuna was not about to let her slave disobey her the way he had. The mistress wanted to show the loser that she was not the kind of person to be disobeyed and then he gets away with it. So she used her shit to punish him. He had to eat her poo and swallow all of it. And she did not want him to eat it from a plate but rather directly from her asshole.

Mistress Gaia lied to her slave that she wanted them to have some wine. He had been taking her wine without her permission and she did not like it. This was to punish him and she did it by humiliating him. She got him to drink her pee and that was when he realized it was not wine. He learned never to mess with her stuff and then he was allowed to have dinner.

These mistresses did not like how this loser badmouthed them. They did not have any other problem with him and they wondered why he had chosen to badmouth them. He had to be dealt with and the mistresses did this by shitting on him. They wanted to do something crazy once and deal with him forever instead of giving him small punishments. It worked and he never did it again.

Mistress Bianc has crazy friends. They like to make her do crazy things that she has never even thought about. Today the mistresses got her to try femdom toilet. He did not even know what it was. But she found out that they had a slave ready for her and they made her take a poop on him and also pee on the poor guy. She just did it even though she did not feel like it.

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