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When this guy snitched on mistress anna and princess Nastia, he had to be punished. The mistresses felt that the most appropriate punishment for him was to shit on him. And that is why they settled on it and they went ahead to turn him into a human toilet. He ate shit and drank pee both as a punishment as well as for their own fun and amusement. But he learned never to snitch.

Mistress Anna had never had her asshole licked clean after she had taken a dump and that is exactly what she made this guy do to her. The mistress turned the guy into her human toilet and he had no choice but to eat her poo and drink her pee and the climax of it all was when he licked her asshole clean. She loved that bit and knew she would have it done again.

Mistress Anna had a major appointment and this guy had some of the documents she needed for that appointment but he was late and he was jeopardizing her big meeting. She was not going to accept that again so she rushed to her meeting and when she was done, she went back and she punished the guy with the help of her business partner. They shit on him and trampled him.

Mistress Anna had to fire her assistant because he had gotten lazy and he was not keeping secrets. She had no more use for him and so she fired his ass and immediately after, she turned him into her human toilet as he was no longer her employee. She made him eat her poo and told him that that was his bonus for the shitty work he had been doing.

This guy was married but he tried to hit on mistress Anna and mistress Alice. They did not like it and they felt that he had to learn to be faithful to his wife. So the mistresses taught him a lesson he had never been taught before. He was degraded by being turned into a toilet slave and a human toilet. He ate poo and it made sure he never cheated on his wife again.

Mistress Anna was tired of her toilet slave and she felt that she needed a new one. Her old one had gotten used to her scat fetish and it was no longer fun. So she had to get a new one and she promptly did. She did not waste any time getting down to business with the new one. She had a great time torturing the new slave with her poo.

Mistress Anna wanted this guy to work for her. But she did not have enough money to afford him. So she had to use an unorthodox way to make him work for her. So she used her shit to dominate and degrade him. He was turned into a human toilet and as he ate her shit, he felt it was easier to accept her deal and work for her until he finished her assignment then continue with his life.

Mistress Anna had diarrhea because of the food her slave had given her. It was bad food and it caused her some foot poisoning. She did not like that and because she did not want it to happen again, the mistress tortured the slave and she forced him to eat her shit. He had to share in her misery and that is what taught him to be careful in the kitchen.

Mistress Anna had always heard of scat fetish but it was not until today that she got the chance to try it. She was so excited to try it that she could not calm down. The mistress chose to do the sort of things that she had always imagined if she got the chance to take a shit on a guy. She tried them and some more and had the time of her life.

Mistress Anna wanted to make a collection of her extreme fetishes so she started by recording herself whenever she indulged in them. She started with her femdom toilet fetish. She recorded herself taking a dump on this guy who she had lured with the promises of having fun but he ended up degraded and humiliated like never before. The guy regretted falling for her trap but she achieved her goal.

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