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Mistress Anna had a major appointment and this guy had some of the documents she needed for that appointment but he was late and he was jeopardizing her big meeting. She was not going to accept that again so she rushed to her meeting and when she was done, she went back and she punished the guy with the help of her business partner. They shit on him and trampled him.

Mistress Gaia wanted to show this guy that she was not one to be messed with or even taken for granted. That is why she chose to dominate him and she did it as cruelly as she could. The mistress made sure that he ate her shit and he drank her pee before she considered the punishment worth it. She asked the guy not to mess with her again and he did not.

These guys thought that mistress Jardena would be afraid of them but that was not the case. The mistress was pissed that they wanted to mess with her for no reason other than to have fun and scare her. She snapped and she tied them up and she beat the shit out of them. But she saved the best for last when she made them eat her shit and drink her urine.

Madame Ellen has a hot ass and it is the envy of many. But she also knows how to use it to dominate and humiliate. That is what she did to this guy as she used the same ass to tease him and then used that ass to shit on him. It brought the guy fun but it was also the source of his humiliation as well as degradation and he could not do anything about it.

Lady Scarlet had to come up with new and fresh content for her blog as her subscribers were asking for it. She wanted to do it for them but she did not have the time. And since she did not want to lose them, she had to make the time for it. It so happened that this guy tried to con her and she punished him with her shit which he had to eat and as he ate it, she filmed it for her blog.

This guy was used to being destructive. He loved to destroy things including friendships and it got to a point that people could not avoid him or assume him. He tried to mess with mistress Medea and he regretted it as she came out swinging. She used her shit to dominate him and that is when he realized he could not afford to keep doing that shit anymore. He changed.

Mistress Zephy loves to use her femdom toilet fetish to dominate and degrade guys for her own fun. She loves to see other people in pain and humiliated and that is what she did today. The mistress made the loser eat her shit and drink her pee and when he was done, she told him that she wanted him to smear the next round of shit on his entire body.

When this mistress realized she was being taken for a ride by this loser, she was so pissed because it was disrespectful. She wanted to be treated with respect and when that did not materialize, she used her poo to get it. She made this guy regret messing with her. She also made him eat her shit and since then, he never messed up with other people for fear of what they could do to him.

Lady Domi wanted this slave to learn a lesson. He was stubborn and he was not obedient. She did not want to keep arguing with a slave so she humiliated him and she tortured him. She used her shit to punish him. But before she took a dump on him, she pinched his nipples till he cried and when she took a dump on him, she smeared it all over his face.

Mistress Anna likes disciplined slaves so when this one shows signs of indiscipline, she was not happy and had to nip them in the bud. She shit on the slave and she shoved the shit into his mouth using her high heels. She wanted to go to the extreme so that he would know she was not messing around. The slave never messed with her again as he knew she would punish him severely.

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