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Mistress Anna had diarrhea because of the food her slave had given her. It was bad food and it caused her some foot poisoning. She did not like that and because she did not want it to happen again, the mistress tortured the slave and she forced him to eat her shit. He had to share in her misery and that is what taught him to be careful in the kitchen.

Mistress Milana was shocked when she learned that this guy likes to behave like a woman and wear things like foundations. She felt like having a little fun with him and at his expense. So she turned him on and she dominated him with her shit. The mistress then forced the guy to use her shit as foundation.He tried to refuse but she could not have it and had to force him to do it.

Mistress Anna wanted to make a collection of her extreme fetishes so she started by recording herself whenever she indulged in them. She started with her femdom toilet fetish. She recorded herself taking a dump on this guy who she had lured with the promises of having fun but he ended up degraded and humiliated like never before. The guy regretted falling for her trap but she achieved her goal.

This guy mistook mistress Gaia for one of his bullies. He tried to mess with her and he regretted as things did not go according to script. The mistress gave him a taste of his own medicine by shitting on him and making sure he ate all of her shit. And her pee was a bonus for him as he used it to wash down the shit he had eaten.

When mistress Bianc decided that her slave had to eat her shit, she made sure that he ate all of her shit and she also ensured that she fed it to him with her bare hands from a plate. And when the mistress was done with him, she got the guy to lick her plate before she threw it away and let her slave to go and get cleaned up.

Lady Domi was not yet done with her ex. She hated him and she was intent on ruining his life. She waited for his birthday and she went to his house and she forced him to eat her shit. That was to be his birthday present. She did not care how he felt and she wished he had a shitty year after she was done making him eat her poo.

Mistress Lila was approached by this guy and he told her how he had a fetish for licking shit, asses and even smelling farts from hot women like her. He told her he was dying to do it as he had not done it in a while. The mistress agreed to it but she first of all had him eat her pussy and when he was done and she had cum, she let him enjoy her ass and her shit.

Mistress Jennifer had high expectations for her assistant. She felt like she had finally gotten an assistant who could match her expectations. But he messed up and she was disappointed in him. But still, she did not want to let him go. So instead, she punished him and she used her scat fetish to do it. He was trampled and forced to eat shit before she let him continue with his job.

Mistress Gaia was investigating something and she needed info from this guy. He tried to act tough and to refuse doing things for her but the mistress would have none of that. Instead, the mistress turned him into a toilet slave and she fed him her poo. Then she caged him after he had cleaned himself up. She got all the information she wanted but she left him to stay in the cage overnight.

Princess Adelaide and princess Georgie love to entertain and today they planned to put on a femdom toilet show for those who were willing to pay for it. They got people who were interested and they got started on their show. It entailed shitting on this guy and also feeding him pee as if it was a hospital drip. It was naughty and kinky, which is what the audience wanted.

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