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This mistress had endured a lot from her husband and she felt it was time that she bolted out of that marriage. But before she did, the mistress chose to do something that he would never forget. She tied him and she facesat on him. In addition, she also made him eat her shit and she forced him to lick her asshole which was full of shit. He had no choice.

Lady Domi was not yet done with her ex. She hated him and she was intent on ruining his life. She waited for his birthday and she went to his house and she forced him to eat her shit. That was to be his birthday present. She did not care how he felt and she wished he had a shitty year after she was done making him eat her poo.

Mistress Isabella loves to teach lessons. She is not an official teacher but she takes herself as a teacher and she likes to behave like one. But she is only a teacher when it comes to punishing and teaching lessons and cruel ones at that. She used shit to teach this girl a lesson. The girl had to eat her shit and also drink her pee besides having her hair and her nipples pulled hard.

Mistress Jennifer likes to feed guys her shit. That is because she is the kind of mistress who does not like to beat about the bush or to give gradual punishments. She likes to do something that will be effective right away. And that is how she managed to torture this loser and get him to never repeat the mistake he had made. Besides shitting on him, she also gave him a painful footjob using her heels.

Princess Nikki is a naughty mistress who can try anything she wants and she feels like. Today she wanted to try scat fetish so she spoke to her friend Nasty Khalifa to lend her a slave since she did not have one at the moment. Her friend agreed and she had fun pissing on the slave and shitting on him. She in fact shit into his mouth and had him eat the shit.

Princess Nikki has a thing for shit. She knows it is the one thing she can use to punish her slaves with that will be effective any time anywhere. Today she did not know what to do with her slave when she had heard he was selling some of her stuff. She decided to use her effective punishment method. She made him eat her shit and then refund her for all the things he had sold.

Mistress Gaia knows how to make a guy submit to her. This guy tried to refuse and she did not say anything. She made him undress thinking they would have mind blowing sex and that he had won. But she had other ideas. She pretended to be playing for domination sex but tied him up and humiliated him till he submitted to her. She made him watch her poop and made him eat that poop.

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