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Mistress Zephy took a shit on the floor and she asked her slave to clean it but he refused. He angered her with his refusal and that is what made her turn him into a shit slave and she fed him her poo. He was shocked and he knew he had to learn to obey her at all times if he did not want to be degraded in that manner before.

Mistress Kira knew that this guy needed to be made to eat shit so that he could stop his nonsense because he was full of it. The mistress knew that only being hard on him was going to work so she forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee. And the punishment worked the way the mistress had thought it was going to work because he was scared of her.

Madame Ellen has a hot ass and it is the envy of many. But she also knows how to use it to dominate and humiliate. That is what she did to this guy as she used the same ass to tease him and then used that ass to shit on him. It brought the guy fun but it was also the source of his humiliation as well as degradation and he could not do anything about it.

Lady Shay met this guy who had a thing for name calling and she was pissed as he did it often and did not stop even when he was called out. She was not about to let him get away with it so she used her shit to make him realize that it was going to cost him to be a name caller. He was shocked as he had never been held to account before.

Mistress Zephy knew that it would be easy to degrade this guy using her hot ass. And that is why she put it front and center of her punishment. The mistress used it to bait him and once he had taken the bait, she pretended to be pleasing him by flirting and teasing him but then he was shocked when she took a shit on him and she rubbed it all over his face.

This guy was married but he tried to hit on mistress Anna and mistress Alice. They did not like it and they felt that he had to learn to be faithful to his wife. So the mistresses taught him a lesson he had never been taught before. He was degraded by being turned into a toilet slave and a human toilet. He ate poo and it made sure he never cheated on his wife again.

Mistress Jardena wanted to get her husband's cooperation but she did not. And she was not happy about it. She had to do something that would change him and after she had thought about it, she settled on using her shit to punish and change him. He was turned into a toilet slave and he had to eat her poo as well as drink her urine. That made the difference.

This guy was over the moon as he was sucked and fucked by these mistresses. But he did not know he was paying for what they were about to do to him. The mistresses then suddenly turned him into a human toilet and he had to eat shit. Besides eating shit, the mistresses made sure that he was also fisted in the ass and it was a very painful affair.

This guy had a small dick and he did not satisfy this mistress. She knew she had to do things in such a way that he learned his lesson. So the mistress got him to eat her shit and that was when he knew he actually had a small dick because it had made him eat shit and drink pee. What bothered him was that he could not do anything about it as to elongate it.

When mistress Barbie found out that her slave had messed up, she was over the moon. She knew that she had gotten a chance to dominate and to torture him and she was not going to pass up that chance. She turned him into a human toilet and she fed him her shit as well as her pee. He had no choice but to do it as he knew it would be worse if he refused.

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