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Mistress Gaia let this loser accumulate mistakes and she punished him once for all of them. She did not want to punish him for small mistakes. She did so for the big ones and she cruelly punished him for what he had done. She had fun making him a toilet slave and he could not do anything about it. He had to endure the punishment and avoid future punishments by making sure he did not mess up.

Mistress Milana wanted consistency from her slave. And she had tried to talk to him about it for a long time but she did not see any change from him. She was disappointed in him and she forced him to change. She did so using her shit fetish in order to show him how urgent she took the whole issue. She achieved her aim by the time she was done with him.

When this mistress realized she was being taken for a ride by this loser, she was so pissed because it was disrespectful. She wanted to be treated with respect and when that did not materialize, she used her poo to get it. She made this guy regret messing with her. She also made him eat her shit and since then, he never messed up with other people for fear of what they could do to him.

The goth girls need to pee so bad and one of them need to take a shit too. They don't hesitate to use the slaves mouth again and again for all they need. Each girl takes their turn using their human toilet as they go in and give him a face full of their hot piss and one shits hard into his mouth. The hot turd falls in his mouth.

This is the first time that the three girls use their human toilet and they make it special by first eating their breakfast and then going in to take a shit all over his face and mouth. The three pretty ladies have their stomachs full after the big breakfast and they let loose on top of the slave with all of the shit. He must swallow it all.

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