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Mistress April felt that this guy needed to be dominated as he did not seem to learn. And since the mistress did not want anyone else to do what he had done or anything of the sort, she went ahead to shit on him as well as to tie him and whip him while he was naked. The pain and degradation made him learn his lesson in a cruel manner.

This mistress laughed when this guy messed with her and the guy thought she was crazy. He wanted to anger her and provoke her but she did not get angry. And she did not do anything to him or so he thought. She waited patiently for a few days and when he had forgotten all about it, she paid him back by turning him into a human toilet and he had to eat her shit and drink her pee.

Mistress Zephy knew that it would be easy to degrade this guy using her hot ass. And that is why she put it front and center of her punishment. The mistress used it to bait him and once he had taken the bait, she pretended to be pleasing him by flirting and teasing him but then he was shocked when she took a shit on him and she rubbed it all over his face.

Bossy babe loves to make her human toilet lay on the ground waiting for his treat. This toilet mistress likes her sexy black skirt, it's just short enough for her to squat down and expose her asshole. Her shit eating slave has to keep his log catching mouth wide open. Just waiting for the moment when his scatqueen decides to drop a turd into his undeserving mouth.

Mistress Anna and her boyfriend discussed some crazy things including how shit got out of the asshole and also how it tasted given it came from delicious food. Instead of discussing it any further, she decided to make him see how it was done and even to give him a taste of it. The mistress took a shit on her man and she also had him eat her poo before she asked him to tell her his experience

You get the best view on Nikki's stretched asshole, while she presses out a huge turd to feed her slave! He takes it between his teeth directly out of her asshole and starts chewing to be able to swallow everything he receives. Then she takes a spoon to feed him the rest. To give her slave some extra vitamin, she puts peanuts on her chocolates and laughs from the sickening sight.

This chubby butt will shit the hell out of her intestine! Her asshole is about ten centimeters above her slave's mouth who is lying on the floor and more or less ready to welcome some sweet, acid turds in his mouth. Ebony girl Keisha is a giver and sends him some nice farts into his face, too. He is ordered to eat all of her shit thoroughly as he has no choice anyway.

It's so much fun to torture stupid, overstrained slaves like him. The mistresses make fun of him and his inability to cope with the situation. He doesn't have the balls to defend himself against them and lies helplessly on the floor. Then his mistresses rub their dirty assholes on his face to welcome him to his new fate. After that they shit their acid mud on his chest and comminute it all over his fat, hairy body.

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