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These guys thought that mistress Jardena would be afraid of them but that was not the case. The mistress was pissed that they wanted to mess with her for no reason other than to have fun and scare her. She snapped and she tied them up and she beat the shit out of them. But she saved the best for last when she made them eat her shit and drink her urine.

Lady Scarlet was shocked by the things she had seen her slave do and since she did not want to stop him from messing further, she documented all the things that he did and then she used them to punish him later. She turned him into a human toilet and had fun peeing on him and even shitting on him. Lady Scarlet then asked him to jerk off as she peed and shit on him.

Mistress Fan wanted to shut this loudmouth up and she thought about it and felt that the most appropriate response was to fill his mouth with her shit and force him to eat her poo and drink her pee. He tried to beg for leniency but she did not listen to him and instead forced the shit down his throat using her foot. Then she chased him from her house.

Princess Araya did not want to have deceptive as well as dishonest employees so she did what she felt was the best way to go about it. So the mistress ass crushed him after she had taken a shit on him. In addition, the mistress also forced him to drink her pee. When the mistress fell on his face with her butt, it was absolutely painful and added salt to injury.

Mistress Bianc and her friends had a bet. Her friends told her that she would not be able to make this guy eat her shit willingly. Mistress Bianc needed the money so she agreed to the bet. She used all her seductive skills on the guy and she had a hidden camera to prove it. She then got him to think that eating her shit would turn her the fuck on and made her a crazy sexual animal. She won the bet.

This mistress has a nice ass and she loves to use it to shit. She does not like her shit going to waste and that is why she prefers to have someone eat her shit. She is a foodie and she eats good food all the time meaning that whoever is eating her shit is eating some good food and has no reason to complain, She actually looks at it as a favor to them.

This mistress hates spies and when she realized this guy was spying on her, she laid a trap for him. She did not let him know she had found out about him. She pretended to be clueless and then punished him for it. She tortured him by forcing him to eat shit and do other degrading things till he told her who had hired him and what information he had gathered so far.

This loser had messed with the wrong girl. He thought she was harmless and went ahead to mess with her. The mistress did not give him the luxury of time to enjoy anything. She turned on him and she dragged his ass to her house which was nearby. She then shit on him as punishment and she made sure he ate and swallowed the shit before she chased him away.

Mistress Gaia wanted some money from this guy urgently but her refused to lend her the money. She was not happy about it and sought to do something. She thought about it and settled on shit fetish. She shit on him and forced him to eat the shit. He told her he would give her the money but now she wanted double and he had to give it before she let him go.

Princess Nikki is a naughty mistress who can try anything she wants and she feels like. Today she wanted to try scat fetish so she spoke to her friend Nasty Khalifa to lend her a slave since she did not have one at the moment. Her friend agreed and she had fun pissing on the slave and shitting on him. She in fact shit into his mouth and had him eat the shit.

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