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What a mess! I thought our toilet slave understood how to clean the bathroom - but he hasn't! So there is only one way to react: Punish him! And you can believe me that we have a lot of different methods to do so! He has to drink our pee, eat our shit and lot of other things! Of course some spitting, ball busting and trampling is also included! Miss Jane and I really know how to extremely dominate our slaves! :D

One of Lady Chantal's slave bitches brings her less money and he must pay the ultimate price. She abuses him as she makes him feel some needles and dildos and additionally a huge load of scat and pee, for what he starts vomiting. In the end he is covered with all of her shit and pee and lies like a whimpering dog on the floor naked as the day he was born.

Sandy used this toilet before but she wants to further increase the humiliation. She ate and drink a lot so she is sure that she can shit a bigger amount this time. And she was right...! She had to piss more than last time. She pisses one minute or more while a huge turd is inside the mouth of the toilet slave... And it seems that there is no end...!

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