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Goddess Amirha is a hot mistress with a great ass. She loves to use her ass to fool guys and humiliate them. She does not do it for the shit but she does it for the chance to see the humiliated faces of the guys. She came home with this guy from the club and she made him lick and smell her ass and pussy and just as he was getting excited, she made him eat her shit.

Lady Celine's just as beautiful as she's arrogant - and she's used to use worthless males as her slaves. This one's going to be her toilet slave! She puts a toilet stool over his face, sits down on it and starts to piss immediately. For her there's no difference - peeing into a real toilet or a human toilet! But she has more in store for the slave - next she starts to poop as well and quickly fills up the loser's mouth with her shit!

The girls put up a little pool for their slave to lie down in while they're having a party. They're drinking, smoking and chatting - and of course they need to pee in between - luckily they've their human toilet right there with them. They simply get into the pool, stand above their slave and order him to open his mouth wide - then piss right into his toilet mouth!

Lady Grace thought that it is time to test the new toilet slave now! He uses his mouth to unload a huge pile of soft shit right into it! But it seems that the toilet slave isn't very skilled. He has a big problem with chewing and swallowing her fresh shit! So she has no other choice than to teach him that this is no option - with a hot yellow stream of piss right out of her pussy! With the piss and shit mixed in his mouth he has to sing a song! But the humiliation isn't over yet...!

The girls have a nice idea: The want to kidnap you and use you for some degrading tasks! Of course they are immediately starting to capture you and give you the first task: Be their human toilet! You have to put your head below a toilet seat and open your mouth whenever one of the girls need to go to toilet! And better do a good job! If you don't do so you have to clean every drip of pee and shit from the ground, toilet slave!

Sandy used this toilet before but she wants to further increase the humiliation. She ate and drink a lot so she is sure that she can shit a bigger amount this time. And she was right...! She had to piss more than last time. She pisses one minute or more while a huge turd is inside the mouth of the toilet slave... And it seems that there is no end...!

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