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Lady Celine's just as beautiful as she's arrogant - and she's used to use worthless males as her slaves. This one's going to be her toilet slave! She puts a toilet stool over his face, sits down on it and starts to piss immediately. For her there's no difference - peeing into a real toilet or a human toilet! But she has more in store for the slave - next she starts to poop as well and quickly fills up the loser's mouth with her shit!

A new toilet slave wants to taste the scat of mistress Michelle. Sure she gives him his introduction - but that's not a soft one at all; she shoots her turds straight into his mouth so that he barely can chew before he swallows her shit deep down. Michelle doesn't give him so much attention, at first he has to eat some more shit to prove that he's a functional and well behaved toilet slave!

This toilet slave is ordered to get on his knees behind mistress Angy. She orders him to lick her feet first, then her pussy and finally her asshole. She enjoys the rim job, enjoys feeling the slave's tongue pressing against her tight asshole - but she has further plans with her slave today! She suddenly tells him to open his mouth wide and press is against her butthole - then she releases a big pile of soft poop into her slave's mouth!

This little bitch! What does he believe he can do there...? I never allowed him to wank at the toilet! But I will punish him so he will never do it again! He has to lay down on the ground of the dirty toilet room and to open his mouth. Yes, this perfectly fits... now I can shit him a huge amount of scat on his ugly face! I hope this will be a lecture for such a pervert...!

You won't believe that this slave had to take soo much shit! But I and Lisa had to empty our stomachs and the slave was nearby... So there was only one conclusion: He will have to take everything into his mouth what comes out of our assholes! :-D Of course he seemed to be unhappy but he knows that we can be way more cruel... and so he did what we ordered him...!

What a poor slave he is! He thought that it was a really disgusting and embarrassing session last time... But the ladies want to show him that they can improve it! They want to humiliate him even further and so they decide to cover his face with LOT of shit! But it seems that they want even more! They use their hands to bray the shit all over his face! Can he stand it without choking...? But it seems that this little pervert is turned on so much that he plays with his dirty dick...!

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