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This toilet slave is ordered to get on his knees behind mistress Angy. She orders him to lick her feet first, then her pussy and finally her asshole. She enjoys the rim job, enjoys feeling the slave's tongue pressing against her tight asshole - but she has further plans with her slave today! She suddenly tells him to open his mouth wide and press is against her butthole - then she releases a big pile of soft poop into her slave's mouth!

Messalina is back again! And she has some new shit for you like always! Are you still horny to find out what happens now? Messalina and her sissy are in her office room. She takes a seat on the office chair and starts to relax. But then she realize that she has to shit! Luckily her sissy and human toilet is thankful for another scat eating! He opens the mouth, get some pee and a nice sausage right into it! That's Messalina the way we like her!

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