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When mistress Wael noticed that this guy was clueless, she knew that she had found someone to degrade and at whose expense she could have fun. That is why she chose to shit on him and make him eat her poo. She recorded it so as to watch it later and relive the memories. It was a lot of fun for her but the same cannot be said of the guy.

Lady Luci needed someone to shit on and since she did not have anyone, she felt that her ex could do it. So she lured him to her house and he went thinking they were to spend some quality time or at least hang out and talk. But he was shocked when the mistress made him eat her shit and drink her urine without any provocation from him whatsoever. He could not believe it.

Princess Brooke does not like it when people try to piss her off or to dare her. This guy dared her and he regretted it because she made sure that he ate her shit and that he drank her pee. He wished he had not dared her because she took him up on it and made sure she did what he had dared her. He never dared anyone after that.

This mistress felt that she needed to torture this guy and that is why she chose to use her shit to dominate him. He had been talking shit about her and she felt that the best thing to do to him was to shit on him and force him to eat her poo. He regretted what he had done and he learned his lesson the hard way and he never spoke ill about her again.

Lady Luci had never had to punish someone but this guy had messed up so badly that she had to dominate him. The mistress felt that the guy had to be degraded and dominated so that he got scared. The mistress had the guy eat her shit as well as drink her pee. And it worked wonders as he got scared of her and he did what lady Luci asked.

Princess Scarlet wanted to sadistically torture this guy. After she had pondered it for a while, she felt that the best way for her to do it was to shit on him and she went ahead to do it. The guy was shocked by what the mistress did to him and he learned that she was not going to let him get away with it. That is how he changed his ways.

Mistress Anna had never had her asshole licked clean after she had taken a dump and that is exactly what she made this guy do to her. The mistress turned the guy into her human toilet and he had no choice but to eat her poo and drink her pee and the climax of it all was when he licked her asshole clean. She loved that bit and knew she would have it done again.

Mistress Kira knew that this guy needed to be made to eat shit so that he could stop his nonsense because he was full of it. The mistress knew that only being hard on him was going to work so she forced him to eat her shit and drink her pee. And the punishment worked the way the mistress had thought it was going to work because he was scared of her.

Mistress Bastienne wanted to have fun at the expense of this guy and that is what she went ahead to do to the guy. The mistress cruelly forced the guy to lie down, she tied him up and then made him eat her shit. As if the shit was not enough, the mistress also peed on him and she told him that was to wash the poo down his throat.

Mistress April felt that this guy needed to be dominated as he did not seem to learn. And since the mistress did not want anyone else to do what he had done or anything of the sort, she went ahead to shit on him as well as to tie him and whip him while he was naked. The pain and degradation made him learn his lesson in a cruel manner.

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