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Mistress Milana and her friends wanted to pump some sense into this guy's head and at first they tried to reason with him but they found it increasingly difficult. Before the mistresses gave up, they chose to try something else. The mistresses chose to use their shit to send a message to him. As soon as the mistresses made him eat their poo, he was shocked and he did what they asked him to do.

Goddesses Rin and Yan wanted to take care of a little problem they had with their enemy. They chose to use cruel means to take care of it. And the mistress felt that it was better to use femdom toile to deal with it. The mistresses forced him to eat their shit and do as they ordered and he had no choice but to do it even though it involved eating poop.

Mistress Anna had always heard of scat fetish but it was not until today that she got the chance to try it. She was so excited to try it that she could not calm down. The mistress chose to do the sort of things that she had always imagined if she got the chance to take a shit on a guy. She tried them and some more and had the time of her life.

Mistress Gaia loves to be in control at all times and today was no exception. The mistress made sure that this guy understood that she was not messing around and she had to have her way. He was shocked at what the mistress did to him to pass her message and he assured her that her message was received loud and clear and he begged her to let him go.

When mistress Bianc decided that her slave had to eat her shit, she made sure that he ate all of her shit and she also ensured that she fed it to him with her bare hands from a plate. And when the mistress was done with him, she got the guy to lick her plate before she threw it away and let her slave to go and get cleaned up.

Mistress Gaia was investigating something and she needed info from this guy. He tried to act tough and to refuse doing things for her but the mistress would have none of that. Instead, the mistress turned him into a toilet slave and she fed him her poo. Then she caged him after he had cleaned himself up. She got all the information she wanted but she left him to stay in the cage overnight.

When mistress Anna's dropped the bombshell that he was breaking up with her, she did not like it and she had to punish him for wasting her time and taking her for granted. She had done a lot for him and been there for him but he was not breaking up with her. He deserved the worst and she took a shit on him and forced him to eat it before she went away.

Mistress Natalia employed and paid this guy some good money. But she did not like what he had done and she had to punish the loser for what he had done. The mistress found out that he was negligent professionally and she was not about to sit back and let him continue with such negligence as she knew it would impact the business negatively. So she took a shit on him to nip it in the bud.

Lady Bianc wanted to chase away her slave so she designed a way to do it in an easier way. She wanted to make him run away and the best way for her was to shit on him and to degrade him so much that he felt that the only and best way for him to escape all of that humiliation was to run away. He finally did and she got what she wanted.

Lady Biac does not like to waste her time with losers. If she determines that someone is a loser, she will cut her losses and go away. This guy tried to convince her otherwise. She did not even listen to him. She just took a shit on him and she made him eat it before she left him nursing his wounds and she went way. He never tried to bother her again.

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