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Goddess Andova wanted a slave who was able to discuss things in a mature way but this slave did not know how to do that. He pissed off the mistress when he tried to give her the silent treatment. She turned him into a shit slave and she fed her poo. That is what made him regret what he had done and he knew he had to change his behavior.

Goddess Andova was angered by what her boss had done in firing her and she felt that the appropriate thing to do now that she was no longer an employee was to shit on him and make him eat it. He had no choice but to do what she wanted. And she actually felt better afterwards since she did not have to explain to him or anyone else after that.

Goddess Andova was not amused by what this guy had said about her. He badmouthed her and she had to teach him never to do any of that shit again. The mistress felt that shitting on him and stuffing his mouth was the best way to punish him and that he would never make that mistake again. And true to what she felt, he never did it again after that punishment.

Goddess Andova had a new slave and she did not want to take chances. She made sure that he learned his lesson early enough even before making any mistakes so that he would learn to do things the right way and he would not mess up with her. He would also learn to respect her and they would then live happily together. So she took a shit on him and got him to lick her asshole.

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