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Mistress Anna had diarrhea because of the food her slave had given her. It was bad food and it caused her some foot poisoning. She did not like that and because she did not want it to happen again, the mistress tortured the slave and she forced him to eat her shit. He had to share in her misery and that is what taught him to be careful in the kitchen.

This guy had a condescending attitude towards other people and he had the same attitude towards mistress Milana. The mistress is not the kind of person to be looked down upon and let it go. She was not going to take it lying down and she plotted his take down. The mistress used her shit fetish to punish him and make him learn to respect all people no matter their stations in life.

Mistress Lila was approached by this guy and he told her how he had a fetish for licking shit, asses and even smelling farts from hot women like her. He told her he was dying to do it as he had not done it in a while. The mistress agreed to it but she first of all had him eat her pussy and when he was done and she had cum, she let him enjoy her ass and her shit.

Mistress Bianc considered this guy a friend. So she was surprised when he tried to fuck her. She could not understand why he was hitting on her and at first she thought it was a joke but she found out he was serious. The mistress was so pissed at him because she knew he had a girlfriend. She took a shit on him to punish him and put him in his place.

When mistress Anna's dropped the bombshell that he was breaking up with her, she did not like it and she had to punish him for wasting her time and taking her for granted. She had done a lot for him and been there for him but he was not breaking up with her. He deserved the worst and she took a shit on him and forced him to eat it before she went away.

Princess Adelaide had never taken a shit on a guy before. She tried it today and she had a great time. The mistress used her sexy ass to do it and she not only took a shit on him but she also took a piss on him. The mistress enjoyed her first time peeing on the loser and she loved it so much that she made it a regular thing.

Mistress Anna and her friend caught this guy with their stolen items. They wanted to find out how he had come to possess them. He did not tell them and he was rude about it. So they let him go but they tracked him down to where he lived. They then went in and punished him and tortured him in his own house. He was forced to eat shit and that made him spill the beans.

Mistress Kira has a great ass and she likes to take advantage of it to have fun at the expense of guys. She knows when she dangles it at people, she can easily make them do whatever she wants. She did that to this guy who had a thing for her ass and she managed to not only facesit on him, but to also have him eat her shit and drink her pee.

Lady Yuna felt heavy. She needed to shed some weight so she decided to start with her shit first. She had this guy turned into a human toilet and she enjoyed herself shitting on him. The mistress made sure the slave had eaten her shit and that he had swallowed all of it before she felt it was better to let him go as he had endured a lot from her.

Princess Nikki had never had her shit eaten before. She had watched scat fetish videos online and she was very interested. She had kept postponing it but today she was interested in finally trying it out. So she lured a loser to her house and she had fun making him eat her shit and lick her ass as well as her asshole. The poor guy did what he was told and how he was told.

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