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Mistress Anna had diarrhea because of the food her slave had given her. It was bad food and it caused her some foot poisoning. She did not like that and because she did not want it to happen again, the mistress tortured the slave and she forced him to eat her shit. He had to share in her misery and that is what taught him to be careful in the kitchen.

Mistress Natalia employed and paid this guy some good money. But she did not like what he had done and she had to punish the loser for what he had done. The mistress found out that he was negligent professionally and she was not about to sit back and let him continue with such negligence as she knew it would impact the business negatively. So she took a shit on him to nip it in the bud.

These princesses had never taped themselves doing crazy things. So they agreed to shit and pee on this guy and then tape themselves doing it. The mistress now remained with the task of looking for someone to shit on. The easiest way they agreed to do it was to promise the guy a threesome which was not going to happen. Most guys would jump at the chance and this guy did.

Mistress Domi wanted to show this guy that she was not going to take no for an answer. She was desperate in her quest to get him to do something for her. He tried to refuse but she did not take no for an answer. Instead, she turned him into a scat eater. He had to eat her shit and thereafter, he did what she wanted. She asked him why he was refusing and now he had done it but he did not have an answer.

Mistress Bianc is a hot and naughty girl. She had a crush on this girl and she had a crush on this guy. But hers is not your average crush. The mistress likes to degrade her crushes and not to stalk them or have fun with them like other people do. So she approached him and she got him to go to her place. He went and he immediately regretted it as she got him to eat her shit.

Princess Adelaide had never taken a shit on a guy before. She tried it today and she had a great time. The mistress used her sexy ass to do it and she not only took a shit on him but she also took a piss on him. The mistress enjoyed her first time peeing on the loser and she loved it so much that she made it a regular thing.

Lady Domi and lady Kimi had a score to settle with this guy. He had pissed them off and they were not going to let him get away with it. The mistresses chose to use a method of punishment that he would never forget for as long as he lived. The mistresses took a shit on the guy and forced him to eat all of it and lick some from their butts.

Mistress Milana wanted consistency from her slave. And she had tried to talk to him about it for a long time but she did not see any change from him. She was disappointed in him and she forced him to change. She did so using her shit fetish in order to show him how urgent she took the whole issue. She achieved her aim by the time she was done with him.

Mistress Milana met this guy at the club and they hit it off. She wanted to find out whether he was as naughty and as kinky as he claimed to be. She invited him to the ladies room and she made him lick her feet, her ass and even eat her shit. That was when she noticed that he was every bit as kinky as he had said. And it was now time to make it up to him and she did.

Mistress Milana was ready to quit her job as she had had enough from her boss. He was a bully and he was unfair to her. She was stressed and she could not endure any more of his crap. She turned on him today and she made him her scat eater. She made him a toilet slave and he had to eat her poo and drink her pee before she quit.

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