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Mistress Zephy took a shit on the floor and she asked her slave to clean it but he refused. He angered her with his refusal and that is what made her turn him into a shit slave and she fed him her poo. He was shocked and he knew he had to learn to obey her at all times if he did not want to be degraded in that manner before.

Mistress Zephy was pissed at how rude this guy was with her and she had to find a way to deal with him. The mistress did not want the guy to be rude to anyone else and that is why she chose to use shit to degrade and punish him. He was humiliated by what she did to him and she loved how he was dominated and she knew he would change.

Mistress Zephy loves to use her femdom toilet fetish to dominate and degrade guys for her own fun. She loves to see other people in pain and humiliated and that is what she did today. The mistress made the loser eat her shit and drink her pee and when he was done, she told him that she wanted him to smear the next round of shit on his entire body.

Mistress Zephy knew that it would be easy to degrade this guy using her hot ass. And that is why she put it front and center of her punishment. The mistress used it to bait him and once he had taken the bait, she pretended to be pleasing him by flirting and teasing him but then he was shocked when she took a shit on him and she rubbed it all over his face.

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