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Mistress Gaia knew that she had to find a way to punish this loser so that he did not get used to pissing her off. He had to improve himself and that is why she chose to use her shit to degrade him. The mistress wanted him to eat her shit and drink her pee and thereafter, she had no doubt that he would change the way she wanted him to.

This guy had loaned mistress Jarden some money and now he wanted it back. But she did not feel like it was time to give it back to time and it was not even the time they had agreed that she pay it back. As he continued to harass her to pay back, she shut him up by shitting on him and telling him to wait for the time they had agreed.

This game looks just as funny as it sounds: A slave gets a full-body plastic wrap mumification and a tube around his head. He's left there completely move- and helpless, and now a huge mass of nasty bitches enters the room. And every single woman will piss into his tube, until it's full of their golgen juice so that the slave has to drink it very fast to prevent himself from drowning! Not that easy!

This girl stands with her high heels on the legs of her slave, who's sitting tied on the floor. She shits him right onto his face and rides her ass above it, so he gets a special massage. The scat dyes his face ochre, and you see the shit also blurred around her asshole and ass cheecks. Imagine how he looks like beneath her! He's given less air to breathe, and everything he smells and tastes is her tasty scat!

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