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Lady Luci needed someone to shit on and since she did not have anyone, she felt that her ex could do it. So she lured him to her house and he went thinking they were to spend some quality time or at least hang out and talk. But he was shocked when the mistress made him eat her shit and drink her urine without any provocation from him whatsoever. He could not believe it.

Mistress Lola was not pleased with a slave taking her for granted and she was so angry at him that she knew it was time to do something to him. She did not hesitate using her shit as a weapon and she made him eat her poo as well as drink her pee. And in the process, he came to his mind, apologized and he told the mistress he would never do it again.

This mistress had caught this loser doing the kind of thing she abhorred. She did not hold back as she punished him to make sure it never happened again. The mistress used her shit and her pee to punish him and he did not see it coming. He had never been made to eat poo or to drink pee before and it was the worst punishment he had ever gotten.

What do you believe you will have to do today...? Yes you are right! This phat ebony ass needs a human toilet! So there can be only one thing you can do: Put your mouth below this ass, open it wide and eat as much shit as possible! And don't miss anything! Or the punishment will be even more cruel! And of course you have to lick the dirty asshole clean at the end...!

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