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These mistresses were broke. They wanted some money so they tortured it out of people. They would lure them to their house and then after pretending to be interested in them and playing with them, they would make them eat their shit as well as tie them up and do nasty things to them. The only thing they adapted to quickly was pee fetish which they did not mind using to wash down the shit. When they were done, they would make the guys pay them to avoid being humiliated again.

This mistress was broke. She went online to look for something to do to make some money. She came across an ad looking for a domina. It didn't look hard so she decided to do it. She had to punish and humiliate a slave for money. And she did it like a pro even if it was her first time. She facesits on the slave and also shits into his mouth. It was fun!

Lady Celine's just as beautiful as she's arrogant - and she's used to use worthless males as her slaves. This one's going to be her toilet slave! She puts a toilet stool over his face, sits down on it and starts to piss immediately. For her there's no difference - peeing into a real toilet or a human toilet! But she has more in store for the slave - next she starts to poop as well and quickly fills up the loser's mouth with her shit!

German mistress Rosella is known for her cruel and hard domination - especially when it comes to her toilet slaves. She makes this loser lay down by the stairs and starts by pissing all over his ugly body while standing above him. Then he has to open his mouth as Rosella squats down - and proceeds by shitting into his mouth! He has to chew and swallow the stinky load of shit.

Lady Chantal orders her money slave to come into her play room completely naked. After he pays her the weekly tribute he gets a special treat. She makes him lick her feet at first - then orders him to lie down on the ground and squats over his face. She dumps a massive load of shit into his open mouth and makes him eat all of it. When he can't take it anymore she uses her high heel shoes to shove the scat down his throat!

Goddess Milena just got back from her Zumba workout - and she desperately needs to take a shit. She orders her slave to lie down and squats over his face. She starts to push out a massive load of soft shit immediately and quickly covers his whole ugly face with her divine shit. She verbally humiliates this poor fucker to make it even worse for him. Will she make him eat her scat as well?!

German mistress Victoria makes her slave lie down on the bathroom floor in a rubber suit. Then she squats over his head, orders him to open his toilet mouth and shits into it! The soft creamy scat piles up on the slaves mouth once his mouth is completely filled and Victoria kneels down next to the slave and watches him swallowing her waste. She later puts on some rubber gloves and shoves the shit down his throat - he's just too slow for her taste!

Kimi and Domi love to dominate their toilet slave together. Today Kimi needs to use their human toilet urgently, so she's the first one while Domi holds the camera. The slave eagerly takes Kimi's scat with his wide-open mouth and swallows it right away. Then it's Domi's turn to shit into his mouth and Kimi films the scene. This time the slave isn't able to swallow all of the scat immediately and Domi forces it down his throat brutally - no mercy for toilet slaves from these cruel German scat dommes!

You won't believe that this slave had to take soo much shit! But I and Lisa had to empty our stomachs and the slave was nearby... So there was only one conclusion: He will have to take everything into his mouth what comes out of our assholes! :-D Of course he seemed to be unhappy but he knows that we can be way more cruel... and so he did what we ordered him...!

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