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These 2 mistresses, one black and one latina, will make their slave suffer today. First the black mistress holds his head in front of the latina's ass and forces him to open his mouth - just seconds after he gets a fat stinky turn unloaded into his mouth! The girls make him chew and swallow the shit before it's time for round 2! This time the latina girl holds his face and it's up to the black one to shit into the toilet slave's mouth. Of course he has to swallow this load as well!

Kimi and Domi love to dominate their toilet slave together. Today Kimi needs to use their human toilet urgently, so she's the first one while Domi holds the camera. The slave eagerly takes Kimi's scat with his wide-open mouth and swallows it right away. Then it's Domi's turn to shit into his mouth and Kimi films the scene. This time the slave isn't able to swallow all of the scat immediately and Domi forces it down his throat brutally - no mercy for toilet slaves from these cruel German scat dommes!

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