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Queen Kira was tired of how her aide misbehaved and she felt that the best way to deal with him was to shit on him and that is exactly what she did. He realized his goose was cooked when she turned him into her human toilet and he had to eat her poo. She did not even need to say anything after that because she was sure that he had learned his lesson.

This guy was married but he tried to hit on mistress Anna and mistress Alice. They did not like it and they felt that he had to learn to be faithful to his wife. So the mistresses taught him a lesson he had never been taught before. He was degraded by being turned into a toilet slave and a human toilet. He ate poo and it made sure he never cheated on his wife again.

Mistress Mummy had built this employee from scratch and when she found out that he was the one who had betrayed the company, it hurt her deeply. She summoned him and she used her shit to dominate him. He had to eat all of her shit and he had no choice but to do what she wanted him to do. He also had to drink her urine before he was allowed to go.

Mistress Anna and her boyfriend discussed some crazy things including how shit got out of the asshole and also how it tasted given it came from delicious food. Instead of discussing it any further, she decided to make him see how it was done and even to give him a taste of it. The mistress took a shit on her man and she also had him eat her poo before she asked him to tell her his experience

Mistress Anna wanted her slave to learn proper manners so she taught him. But he was not quick to learn and she thought it was because he was not interested in learning. She sat down and thought of how she could make him learn faster. She settled on shitting on him and she was surprised when it worked so well and he found a new drive to learn and do well.

The best way for this mistress to punish a slave using shit is always to feed it to him. She does not like how other mistresses shit on a slave. That is usually easier as all of it falls on the slave at the same time. But being made to eat all her shit one spoon at a time is more difficult and more degrading and that is why she likes it.

This mistress hates spies and when she realized this guy was spying on her, she laid a trap for him. She did not let him know she had found out about him. She pretended to be clueless and then punished him for it. She tortured him by forcing him to eat shit and do other degrading things till he told her who had hired him and what information he had gathered so far.

This loser had messed with the wrong girl. He thought she was harmless and went ahead to mess with her. The mistress did not give him the luxury of time to enjoy anything. She turned on him and she dragged his ass to her house which was nearby. She then shit on him as punishment and she made sure he ate and swallowed the shit before she chased him away.

Mistress Gaia wanted some money from this guy urgently but her refused to lend her the money. She was not happy about it and sought to do something. She thought about it and settled on shit fetish. She shit on him and forced him to eat the shit. He told her he would give her the money but now she wanted double and he had to give it before she let him go.

After one year of being abstinent, Mistress Isabella's slave finally gets her shit to eat. But he's not used to it anymore, so he kind of has to learn it from the beginning again. Isabella gives him an extra long sausage out of her asshole so that he can swallow it slowly bit by bit to get used to it again. Let's see if this submissive bitch can handle his mistresses shit!

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