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Goddess Amirha is a kinky mistress. She likes to have crazy and weird fun and today before she had sex with this guy, she decided to try him. She wanted him to eat her shit and the guy did it although he was shocked and hesitated at first. She was turned on when he did that and the two of them had some crazy time doing nasty things to each other.

Mistress Alina loves playing with shit more than she does anything else. She has a shit fetish and she enjoys using it to have fun or to humiliate someone else depending on the existing circumstances. Today she wanted to use her shit to punish this loser for attempting to con her. She forced him to eat her shit and swallow it as she watched to make sure he did everything she told him to.

Mistress Gaia wanted to humiliate her slave to send a message that she is not one to mess with. The slave was new and she wanted it always be a reminder to him that if he ever messed up, he would have to deal with her. So she made him eat her shit and swallow it before she trampled him. She knew that was enough to send the message she wanted to put across.

Princess Mia likes to do crazy things. She enjoys it when she is able to make someone do a crazy thing that he or she would never have done in the first place. Today she decided to make this guy eat her shit. He tried to refuse but she could not hear any of it. She forced him to do it and he had no option but to eat her shit.

Mistress Anna loves to have all kinds of fun. Today she wanted to try scat fetish and she found a loser to humiliate. She made him lie down as she danced for him and turned him on. Little did he know that she was preparing him for humiliation. She put her ass on his face and he thought she wanted a pussy lick. But before he could do anything, she shit on his face.

This mistress wanted to show her slave why she is not to be messed with. She called her friend to come and help her discipline her slave. The two mistresses turned the slave into a human toilet. They pooped on him and had him eat the poo. It was degrading and humiliating, but that was the whole point. He had to know that there are consequences to messing with his mistress.

Roxy tries to fill the slave's mouth with her shit, but the shit has stuck and her friend Lisa has to take over the task. She sits down on the toilet chair in reverse and shits the hell out of her asshole. Directly beneath her lies her toilet slave, who has to catch every inch of her shit. Better he hurries up, because there's so much more to come!

Mistress Gaia rides her slave's face completely naked, until his breathing ability was reduced successfully. She uses a beld to tighten his head to her ass and pussy, so he can't escape her nasty farts! In her very own manner she then shits into her slave's mouth, and because he has no room to escape, he has to eat her turds or he won't breathe properly for the next few minutes!

Mett the four really dirty girls. Their minds are just as dirty as their shit, which they smear all over their bodies! They ride each other and spread their scat with their pussies. Some girl shits into her friends mouth and you can see the brown chocolate glued to her teeth. To flux it in her mouth, she gets some extra piss that should clean her up for the next games!

When Goddess Amirha plans something, she does so meticulously. She does not like anything to go wrong with her plan. She was planning to humiliate her landlord before she vacated her place. And that is what she did. She even went ahead and made a toilet bench which she placed his face when she invited him to come and check out fake complaints she had. Then she facesat on him and made him eat her shit.

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