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This chubby butt will shit the hell out of her intestine! Her asshole is about ten centimeters above her slave's mouth who is lying on the floor and more or less ready to welcome some sweet, acid turds in his mouth. Ebony girl Keisha is a giver and sends him some nice farts into his face, too. He is ordered to eat all of her shit thoroughly as he has no choice anyway.

Some nice shitting into the bathtub - and her slave awaits her stinky, nasty turds lustfully. He eats all of her scat bit by bit, but though he should hurry up because she's really full and shitting fast! No problem for this one - he's such a good toiletslave and fulfills his task to his mistress' perfect satisfaction. Watch him chewing her turds with pleasure.. have you seen such a kind of slave before?

Isabella welcomes her slaves that want to eat her scat in reality. She pushes two big turds into her slaves mouth directly from her butthole, and he eats it and loves it.. Mistress Isabella wants to share these videos with all her scat slaves who want to become her human toilet, 'cause she loves shitting on her human toilets. This one gets nearly chocked by the big sausages 'cause he's got a small mouth.. but he tries hard!

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