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Mistress Gaia wanted to humiliate her slave to send a message that she is not one to mess with. The slave was new and she wanted it always be a reminder to him that if he ever messed up, he would have to deal with her. So she made him eat her shit and swallow it before she trampled him. She knew that was enough to send the message she wanted to put across.

Mistress Isabella was tired of the never ending excuses from her contractor. She wanted an end to it and she was ready to cut her losses. Before she did, she called him to her place and as she listened to another excuse, she knew she couldn't take it anymore. She caught him by surprise and pinned him on the floor and made him lick and eat her shit. She pooped directly into his mouth.

Mistress Gaia had fun with this guy at the club. But before she invited him over to her house, she told him she only has fun with guys who have big dicks. The guy bragged how big his cock was and she allowed him to follow her home. On reaching home she found out it was not big so she punished him cruelly for lying about it. She made him eat her shit.

So, this is your life now! You're lying under Lady Milena's toilet chair as she approaches you, she sticks her high heel boot through the toilet seat and makes you kiss the dirty soles. Then she pulls down her pants, sits down on the toilet chair and immediately starts shitting. Her long turds land in your mouth and you've to swallow them. Your whole face is also covered by her warm piss and in the end she watches you swallowing all of her shit!

Damn, Cory Chase is really hot - unfortunately the only use she has for you is to serve her as a human toilet! Yeah, right, she's going to piss and shit into your mouth! Now you're lying under her toilet chair and get a great view of her sexy ass and pussy - then she starts to piss. she orders you to swallow all of her golden nectar before the real action starts. She hasn't taken a shit in 3 days - so open wide - there's a huge load of scat coming for you!

Wow! Just look at this beauty - she looks very hot! And she has to do a very urgent job... She needs to shit very soon! She has eaten lot of food and after dinner the shit wants to leave her stomach! She runs to the toilet seat. Below the seat you are already waiting to do your job. You open your mouth and the shit starts entering your inside and touches your tongue...!

Alexa Paige wants to train you to be her human toilet. She starts by teasing you with her sexy ass still in tight yoga pants as she dances above you. Then she tells you it's time to start and pulls down her pants and thong - just before squatting right over your face and ordering you to open your mouth wide. First she starts to piss into your mouth and makes you swallow all of her yellow piss, then it's time for the main course - a big load of her scat! She pushes out a huge turd that lands right in your mouth and then she watches you eat her messy dump!

Alexa Paige's wearing nothing but sexy white hold up stockings when she orders you to lie down on the floor and stands above you - with spread legs! You get to enjoy the beautiful view of her sexy ass and pussy while she tells you what she has planned for today. She's going to take a shit - right on your face and make you eat her scat! Are you already drooling, toilet slave? Well, then let's go! She starts to push and you can see her asshole widening as the first turd is about to be pushed out of her butt. Open your mouth, be ready when it drops!

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