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These 2 mistresses, one black and one latina, will make their slave suffer today. First the black mistress holds his head in front of the latina's ass and forces him to open his mouth - just seconds after he gets a fat stinky turn unloaded into his mouth! The girls make him chew and swallow the shit before it's time for round 2! This time the latina girl holds his face and it's up to the black one to shit into the toilet slave's mouth. Of course he has to swallow this load as well!

German mistress Victoria makes her slave lie down on the bathroom floor in a rubber suit. Then she squats over his head, orders him to open his toilet mouth and shits into it! The soft creamy scat piles up on the slaves mouth once his mouth is completely filled and Victoria kneels down next to the slave and watches him swallowing her waste. She later puts on some rubber gloves and shoves the shit down his throat - he's just too slow for her taste!

Lady Grace thought that it is time to test the new toilet slave now! He uses his mouth to unload a huge pile of soft shit right into it! But it seems that the toilet slave isn't very skilled. He has a big problem with chewing and swallowing her fresh shit! So she has no other choice than to teach him that this is no option - with a hot yellow stream of piss right out of her pussy! With the piss and shit mixed in his mouth he has to sing a song! But the humiliation isn't over yet...!

Rachel is a big beautiful woman - and she likes to eat lot of tasty meals! Of course all the food has to leave her body from time to time. For this purpose she has a black toilet slave who loves to serve her like a real toilet - and eats everything what she produces! He has to lie below her butt under a toilet seat with his mouth opened. And then Rachel starts to shit and fill his mouth with lot of shit!

The toilet slave seems to be hungry! He hasn't eaten something for quite a time - and so Mistress Gaia decides to serve him something today. Of course the slave never will be allowed to eat the same stuff which the Lady eats - but today he will get something fresh too: A tasty sausage right out of Mistress Gaia's ass! Right from the producer to the consumer! How does it taste, slave!?

These two scat sisters are really nasty! They like very cruel games and want to humiliate their slaves in a very extreme way! Their slaves have to be their human toilets and do whatever they tell them! Here you can start watching them from the beginning! They feed the stupid slave with lot of shit! It's hard to believe that the slave can stand this torture without crying - but this is only the beginning...! Check out this cruel shit eating clip NOW!

Wow! Just look at this beauty - she looks very hot! And she has to do a very urgent job... She needs to shit very soon! She has eaten lot of food and after dinner the shit wants to leave her stomach! She runs to the toilet seat. Below the seat you are already waiting to do your job. You open your mouth and the shit starts entering your inside and touches your tongue...!

Sandy is back - and she likes to shit! Her stomach is filled with lot of nasty things - and she needs to empty it! Of course a toilet slave has to lie below her butt with his mouth opened. Only few moments later she shits everything out. It's much more than the human toilet is capable of so there is lot of shit remaining at his face! Better try to hurry eating it...!

LaToya is a black BBW model from America. And she has a fat butt! Whit her butt she likes to dominate slaves. Normally she sits down on them and squeezes the air out of their lungs. But now she wants to try something new: Shit into their mouths. The black slave has no other choice than to remain below her and eat whatever comes from above... And there comes lot of shit out of her ass!

Mistress Gaia wrapped a black plastic bag around her slave's neck with only holes for his mouth and nose - he isn't allowed to see her naked behind as she squats over his face. What he didn't know before - she has a terrible stomach flu at the moment and will dump a huge load of stinky diarrhea on his face. The poo more or less splatters out of her butthole and covers the slave's face within seconds - of course he gets quite a lot into his mouth as well - and he already knows that he'll have to eat it completely to satisfy his scat mistress.

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