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What do you believe you will have to do today...? Yes you are right! This phat ebony ass needs a human toilet! So there can be only one thing you can do: Put your mouth below this ass, open it wide and eat as much shit as possible! And don't miss anything! Or the punishment will be even more cruel! And of course you have to lick the dirty asshole clean at the end...!

Then you will get it! What do you believe what you can do under such a delicious ass...? Do you thought that you were allowed to touch it? NO! The only thing you can do is open your mouth... NOW! Open it wide! Ok, that's nice. There is a lot of space now... But of course it will be filled very fast! Oh, is this more than you can take...? :D

The girls have met to talk about the party at the next weekend. They make some jokes and have a lot of fun - and of course they also eat something! But after some hours they have to do some regular business... And they want to use their new slave to do so! So they put him down under the toilet chair, sit down and unload some huge portions of shit into his face!

What a mess! I thought our toilet slave understood how to clean the bathroom - but he hasn't! So there is only one way to react: Punish him! And you can believe me that we have a lot of different methods to do so! He has to drink our pee, eat our shit and lot of other things! Of course some spitting, ball busting and trampling is also included! Miss Jane and I really know how to extremely dominate our slaves! :D

Marie and I had a nice day! We talked about a lot of shit and had some fun. We drunk some coffee too. But then we realized that a portion of shit wants to leave our assholes! We were really lucky that there was a human toilet nearby! So we can feel way more comfortable - and shitted direct into his mouth! That's the way girls like to have some fun...!

Meagan is a very sexy phat ass bitch! She is 21 years old and it is her first time she agreed to shit into the mouth of a human toilet. We already were very excited! She takes off her leggings and her ass looks even more beautiful than we could image! But the slave has no time to enjoy the view: He has to eat shit! And of course we added a bonus footage for you: You can watch the shit eating in slow motion...!

Now you can see everything you always dreamed about: Mistress Gaia's ass right above your face! She will shit directly onto your head - and better open your mouth so you can eat the whole scat later on! If you don't do so mistress Gaia will be upset and her rage can be endless! And that is something you won't try to find out, will you...? So eat the shit and shut up!

Princess Nikki always can tell you the same story: She eats the diner and then she has to shit late at night! But this time there was a stupid toilet slave nearby so there is no need to go to the usual toilet. The stupid sucker has to lay down below her ass. Then she starts to grab her ass cheeks and slowly presses a thin sausage out of her tight asshole - right into the gob of the loser!

The girls have a nice idea: The want to kidnap you and use you for some degrading tasks! Of course they are immediately starting to capture you and give you the first task: Be their human toilet! You have to put your head below a toilet seat and open your mouth whenever one of the girls need to go to toilet! And better do a good job! If you don't do so you have to clean every drip of pee and shit from the ground, toilet slave!

The goth girls need to pee so bad and one of them need to take a shit too. They don't hesitate to use the slaves mouth again and again for all they need. Each girl takes their turn using their human toilet as they go in and give him a face full of their hot piss and one shits hard into his mouth. The hot turd falls in his mouth.

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