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Sometimes toilet slaves get shared by their mistress - like this one. His mistress met a new girl in a pub and offers her to try out her human toilet after they talked about fetishes. It's her first time shitting in someone's face and watch him really eating the scat like a meal and now she got filmed. That's a nice try-out and a whole bunch of shit, as his mistress wants to shit on him too, after her new friend did.

Whatever she ate, it stinks like hell and surely that's no fun for her toilet slave. She tries to ease her own nose from that acid smell by spaying, but her human toilet's face is buried under her pile of scat and is not allowed to move. Of course he has to eat all of that shit, which makes him suffocate. Not bad for her first time shitting. You also get some slow-motion scenes!

She told her slave to eat her daily shit obedient and beg for more, no matter if he really wants it or not. She shits him on his face everytime her ass feels the need to do; and this is his only use while he's hand-cuffed and his lazy eggs trapped. He collects her turd on his mouth and eats the scat bit by bit, so that he can handle mistress Mystique's huge pile.

This time you will see what it's like to eat shit for the first time! Mistress Isabella's hot ass is merciless like hell, and she gives him the full load of turd to eat while he's lying directly beneath her asshole, more or less prepared of what is next to come. If you thought he would cope easily, you will now get to know the truth. But no need for Isabella to start slowly.

Some nice point- of- view clip for ya! Today your mistress will shit onto your face and you will be her human toilet, that serves better well. She commands you to eat her shit. Lets see if you can handle this amount of scat all by yourself! There's no have to swallow. You can watch her sausage leave the asshole and coming closer to your mouth.. you can't move.

Today the ladies wanna know if one slave can serve all five of them. Imagine what an honor this would be for her human toilet if he passes the test! The scat party starts and one after another lady shits the slave into his mouth. And nothing should get lost on its way! He swallows every sausage, if small or large; originally another slave should take part, but he's late for about two hours..that's gonna end shitty!

Jessica has prepared her slave for the fat ass action she'll give to him! Her bloody toilet slave is lying right under the seat and gets some nice farts that leave her fat ass cheeks with a buzzing sound. He's forced to smell every single fart, until he gets his meal. Then Jessica shits him into his mouth so her slave can enjoy the feast! You get some slow motion pictures to enjoy your show and his torture also!

The girls put up a little pool for their slave to lie down in while they're having a party. They're drinking, smoking and chatting - and of course they need to pee in between - luckily they've their human toilet right there with them. They simply get into the pool, stand above their slave and order him to open his mouth wide - then piss right into his toilet mouth!

This petite girl sits down on the toilet chair - with her slave already in position underneath. First she pees into his mouth for a long time - then the scat action starts. A giant turd is coming out of her petite butt - it's so wide and long the slave can barely grab it with his wide-open mouth. Of course he needs to swallow all of it as another turd is coming right after!

Kimi and Domi both need to take a shit - and as they're living out their dominant nature in all aspects of life they'll naturally use their human toilet! The slave has to lie down on the bathroom floor and both girls shit into his mouth. But they not only force him to swallow their shit - they also both puke all over his face and body!

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