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Four vicious ladies met for the hell of a scat-party where they share one toilet bowl and one slave beneath it. They let go off some heavy loads straight into his face, and his eyes are covered so that everytime a phat turd hits his mouth or nose is a surprise for him! The ladies shit one after another into the transparent tube that's fixed on his face, until they've built a tower of pure, massive shit.

Lady Celine's just as beautiful as she's arrogant - and she's used to use worthless males as her slaves. This one's going to be her toilet slave! She puts a toilet stool over his face, sits down on it and starts to piss immediately. For her there's no difference - peeing into a real toilet or a human toilet! But she has more in store for the slave - next she starts to poop as well and quickly fills up the loser's mouth with her shit!

These are two clips in one - a completely strange girl was picked up from the street, so you won't see her face, but her chubby ass to shit for the first time into a human toilet! After she's a little nervous at the beginning, she shits a sweet turd into his face. In part 2 she comes back again with a bigger turd; it's quite a nasty, fat pile of shit for the slave to eat before he cleans up her dirty asshole in the end!

She conserved her shit the whole day long, just to give her toilet the full dose of her acid shit today. Mistress Raw Desires sits down on the chair above his face and lets him first smell some of her tasty farts. Shen she shits a huge pile into his mouth that he can eat. To make it easier for him to swallow, she gives him a piss afterwards, because he should have enough time to clean up her asshole with his tongue when she's finished!

This chubby butt will shit the hell out of her intestine! Her asshole is about ten centimeters above her slave's mouth who is lying on the floor and more or less ready to welcome some sweet, acid turds in his mouth. Ebony girl Keisha is a giver and sends him some nice farts into his face, too. He is ordered to eat all of her shit thoroughly as he has no choice anyway.

Looks like tremendous fun! There's only one slave who has to handle twenty women at a pissing party. They use him for everything - every girl pisses in his mouth of course, and he has to drink it all! Some of them let him lick their dirty shoes before they flux it with their piss, and some spit at him. He wanks his dick while he gets abused and tortured!

The Scat Cats again ordered Santa Claus to take part in their shit party! Today he has to kneel down and open his hands up for the gift they're about to make - the Cats shit really huge turds into his hands, and he has to eat all of it. You know Santa Claus, he loves that shit - but can he handle such enormous piles?! How did the girls make it?? Plus they give him a full glass of piss he has to drink additionally to flush the shit down his throat!

The caretaker got already his first lesson in part 1. In this video the girls will go further an give him a nice pounding that he'll never forget for sure. He lies naked on the floor and is unable to move - and now the two scatqueens relieve their intestines above his stupid face. He gets the double portion of shit on his face and accidentally swallows some of it! No problem, he will be forced to eat the scat anyway - and to drink their piss, of course.

BBW queen unveils the view on an incredibly chubby butt and blesses her toilet slave with a big, fat, evil turd straight into his mouth. Eat that shit, slave! Your mistress has cooked you something very special for today; that acid smell will etch off your gullet! You get the best view on her tasty fat ass and her lovely turd and the emotions her bloody toilet slave is going through!

Isabella welcomes her slaves that want to eat her scat in reality. She pushes two big turds into her slaves mouth directly from her butthole, and he eats it and loves it.. Mistress Isabella wants to share these videos with all her scat slaves who want to become her human toilet, 'cause she loves shitting on her human toilets. This one gets nearly chocked by the big sausages 'cause he's got a small mouth.. but he tries hard!

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