Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 30

My girls and I have a really big challenge for our slave today. We use him as our living toilet one after another and shit straight into his throat. Some of us have quite long turds and it's clear that the slave sooner or later gets busy with coping with it. But of course we help him - we push the shit deeper into his mouth and give him some piss to make him swallow easier.

Roxy tries to fill the slave's mouth with her shit, but the shit has stuck and her friend Lisa has to take over the task. She sits down on the toilet chair in reverse and shits the hell out of her asshole. Directly beneath her lies her toilet slave, who has to catch every inch of her shit. Better he hurries up, because there's so much more to come!

Toilet slaves have to get used to the smelliness of their duties. If they never experienced shit before, their mistress will lead them to it in small, but fast steps. First Mistress Emilys slave has to lick her high heels and suck the heel like a bitch sucks dicks, just to stimulate the muscles in his mouth. Then he must smell her sweaty feet to get used to evil odor. After swallowing some spit, he finally receives his first turd and has to eat it completely. First lesson finished!

Mistress Gaia rides her slave's face completely naked, until his breathing ability was reduced successfully. She uses a beld to tighten his head to her ass and pussy, so he can't escape her nasty farts! In her very own manner she then shits into her slave's mouth, and because he has no room to escape, he has to eat her turds or he won't breathe properly for the next few minutes!

Lady Angie deflowers her new toilet slave and makes him a special gift. She drops her thick turd into his mouth and he's completely overwhelmed by the mass, so that some of the shit falls beside his mouth. Lady Angie takes it and plugs it back into his mouth again. After that she has to piss and uses his face one more time. But there's simply no space left in his puss, because his throat is full of shit!

Mett the four really dirty girls. Their minds are just as dirty as their shit, which they smear all over their bodies! They ride each other and spread their scat with their pussies. Some girl shits into her friends mouth and you can see the brown chocolate glued to her teeth. To flux it in her mouth, she gets some extra piss that should clean her up for the next games!

After her boyfriend disappointed her on her birthday, Goddess Amirha's revenge will be a real setup and the maximum of humiliation for this useless, abject piece of shit that calls himself a 'boyfriend'. While she fixed him in a smotherbox and plays CoD, she makes him feel her lactose intolerance farts and sharts while he's unable to move beneath her ass in lingerie. She rewards his unreliability with the nastiest shit ever in the end. This is gonna be legendary!!!

This slave receives a huge bunge of shit on his face, and every time one turd has rolled up on his face, the Mistress pushes it deeper into his mouth with her sneakers to make space for the turds that are next to come. He has to stand several courses and already should been full of shit, but though he's already eaten the half of it, still the remaining shit is stacking on his face.

After her slave has adored her silver high heels properly, he receives his special gift. Mistress Anna sits down on the toilet chair above his head and presses some turds out of her asshole, while she orders him to eat that shit completely. She farts into his face without mercy and orders him to adore it like the best smelling perfume he's ever sniffed! A nice and dirty psycho game with some tasty chocolate sausages!

This game looks just as funny as it sounds: A slave gets a full-body plastic wrap mumification and a tube around his head. He's left there completely move- and helpless, and now a huge mass of nasty bitches enters the room. And every single woman will piss into his tube, until it's full of their golgen juice so that the slave has to drink it very fast to prevent himself from drowning! Not that easy!

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