Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 9

This guy was over the moon as he was sucked and fucked by these mistresses. But he did not know he was paying for what they were about to do to him. The mistresses then suddenly turned him into a human toilet and he had to eat shit. Besides eating shit, the mistresses made sure that he was also fisted in the ass and it was a very painful affair.

This guy had a small dick and he did not satisfy this mistress. She knew she had to do things in such a way that he learned his lesson. So the mistress got him to eat her shit and that was when he knew he actually had a small dick because it had made him eat shit and drink pee. What bothered him was that he could not do anything about it as to elongate it.

When mistress Barbie found out that her slave had messed up, she was over the moon. She knew that she had gotten a chance to dominate and to torture him and she was not going to pass up that chance. She turned him into a human toilet and she fed him her shit as well as her pee. He had no choice but to do it as he knew it would be worse if he refused.

Lady Amira enjoys it when she gets to torture people. And today she did it with poo which was a little bit special as she had never done that before. The mistress used her shit to torture this guy and she had him eat it. He was to wash it down with her pee and he did that too. It was not any easier and he could do nothing about it.

Mistress Gaia and her friend did not like how their boss made their lives hard. He held them to a different standard and he made sure they overachieved. They were pissed and could not get a chance to enjoy themselves as the other workers. So they plotted to deal with him and they did. They did it by torturing him using their pee as well as their shit. He never pissed them off again.

Mistress Mummy had built this employee from scratch and when she found out that he was the one who had betrayed the company, it hurt her deeply. She summoned him and she used her shit to dominate him. He had to eat all of her shit and he had no choice but to do what she wanted him to do. He also had to drink her urine before he was allowed to go.

Mistress Christina and her friend Swetlana had backed this guy to win. They had watched him for a long time so they were confident that he would win. They then went ahead to place huge bets on him but he lost. That thing pissed them off as they had lost some good money. The guys tortured him using shit and made him repay them the money that they had lost on him.

This guy was insensitive and madame Ellen took it upon herself to educate him. But he was impervious to reason and he did not want to be corrected. So she let him be but he messed up and he called her names and said some inappropriate things which she would not stomach. So she turned him into a human toilet and he had to eat her poo as punishment for his behavior.

This mistress had hired this artist to do some work for her but she did not like the final product of what he came up with. She was not about to use that to market herself and she was pissed as she had paid him handsomely. To get her money back, she took a shit on him and told him that was what was equivalent to the work he had done.

Goddess Fatima was pissed at the fact that this blogger had said some bad things about her. What was worse was that they were false and she was not prepared to let him ruin people's reputations without any consequence. So she used her shit to dominate and to torture him. He was in pain as she facesat on him but that was not all. She also took a shit on him.

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