Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 38

This girl's stomach didn't take last night's dinner very well and when she sits down on the toilet chair in the morning she really needs to poop urgently! She pushes out a massive soft shit which covers the toilet slave's face right away. His mouth and nose are completely covered by the smelly soft poop of his mean toilet mistress. She even laughs at him after wiping her sexy ass and seeing how much he struggles under the stinky scat on his face!

Mistress Rayven's mother - a big lady in her forties - wants to use her daughter's human toilet today. She slams her fat ass on the toilet chair and commands the toilet slave underneath to open his mouth wide to catch all of her feces. Then she starts to poop and dumps a really long brown sausage right into the slave's mouth. He's struggling with the huge amount of scat but he better tries to swallow all of it or he'll piss of his mistress and her mother!

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