Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 33

Sandy is back - and she likes to shit! Her stomach is filled with lot of nasty things - and she needs to empty it! Of course a toilet slave has to lie below her butt with his mouth opened. Only few moments later she shits everything out. It's much more than the human toilet is capable of so there is lot of shit remaining at his face! Better try to hurry eating it...!

LaToya is a black BBW model from America. And she has a fat butt! Whit her butt she likes to dominate slaves. Normally she sits down on them and squeezes the air out of their lungs. But now she wants to try something new: Shit into their mouths. The black slave has no other choice than to remain below her and eat whatever comes from above... And there comes lot of shit out of her ass!

Alexa Paige wants to train you to be her human toilet. She starts by teasing you with her sexy ass still in tight yoga pants as she dances above you. Then she tells you it's time to start and pulls down her pants and thong - just before squatting right over your face and ordering you to open your mouth wide. First she starts to piss into your mouth and makes you swallow all of her yellow piss, then it's time for the main course - a big load of her scat! She pushes out a huge turd that lands right in your mouth and then she watches you eat her messy dump!

Kimi and Domi love to dominate their toilet slave together. Today Kimi needs to use their human toilet urgently, so she's the first one while Domi holds the camera. The slave eagerly takes Kimi's scat with his wide-open mouth and swallows it right away. Then it's Domi's turn to shit into his mouth and Kimi films the scene. This time the slave isn't able to swallow all of the scat immediately and Domi forces it down his throat brutally - no mercy for toilet slaves from these cruel German scat dommes!

Alexa Paige's wearing nothing but sexy white hold up stockings when she orders you to lie down on the floor and stands above you - with spread legs! You get to enjoy the beautiful view of her sexy ass and pussy while she tells you what she has planned for today. She's going to take a shit - right on your face and make you eat her scat! Are you already drooling, toilet slave? Well, then let's go! She starts to push and you can see her asshole widening as the first turd is about to be pushed out of her butt. Open your mouth, be ready when it drops!

Mistress Gaia wrapped a black plastic bag around her slave's neck with only holes for his mouth and nose - he isn't allowed to see her naked behind as she squats over his face. What he didn't know before - she has a terrible stomach flu at the moment and will dump a huge load of stinky diarrhea on his face. The poo more or less splatters out of her butthole and covers the slave's face within seconds - of course he gets quite a lot into his mouth as well - and he already knows that he'll have to eat it completely to satisfy his scat mistress.

This little bitch! What does he believe he can do there...? I never allowed him to wank at the toilet! But I will punish him so he will never do it again! He has to lay down on the ground of the dirty toilet room and to open his mouth. Yes, this perfectly fits... now I can shit him a huge amount of scat on his ugly face! I hope this will be a lecture for such a pervert...!

Jessica is not one of our usual models. Normally we love to ask ebony girls with phat asses to shit into the mouth of our toilet slave. But this white girl also has a phat ass! So we decided that this huge booty can also produce a lot of shit - and we were horrible right! The slave got so much shit into his face that he could barely take it all...!

You won't believe that this slave had to take soo much shit! But I and Lisa had to empty our stomachs and the slave was nearby... So there was only one conclusion: He will have to take everything into his mouth what comes out of our assholes! :-D Of course he seemed to be unhappy but he knows that we can be way more cruel... and so he did what we ordered him...!

Do you like Mexican food? Of course you do! And you will get some today! But I'm sure that you have never before ate something like this... The only thing you have to do is lay down on the ground... don't open your eyes! Or the whole surprise will be gone... But open your mouth wide instead! I'm going to feed you! And here it comes! How does my digested food taste...!?

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