Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 37

The girls want to have some fun. They do a lot of thing together so they decided also to come together and shit on the human toilet! One after another likes to unload her shit into his mouth. Here you can watch Britany squeezing out a hot sausage and filling the toilet slave's mouth with scat! But this is not the end! The toilet slave will have to eat lot of more shit...!

Lady Missy wants to use the toilet slave. She ate something before and it doesn't take long. She sits down on the toilet seat and smokes a cigarette. She needs a ash tray and a holder for the toilet paper. Her slave has to use his hands to do the job. Then she starts reading a newspaper and unloads a huge pile of shit into the mouth of the toilet slave

This human toilet has a really dirty job to do! The slave has to spend day by day in a small room under the seat of a toilet. And when the girls have to shit they enter the room, sit down and start to defecate right into his mouth! This girl has completely covered his face with shit at midnight. He barely can breath now - but the night just started...!

This is our hot model Jessica. She has a gorgeous big bubble butt! She never done something like this before but we could talk to her and she soon offered us the possibility to film her while shitting on the face of this black guy. She unloads a really huge pile of shit on him - it was a soft and mushy one! She liked it so much that she agreed to do it again! Here you can find her first and second time in one compilation!

These 4 girls are really hot! But they are nasty and brat girls too! And they like to dominate and humiliate men! And this slave has to feel a lot of pain in his throat... The girls have to shit! And they want to shit into his mouth! The slave doesn't look very happy but he has no choice. After loading some scat into his mouth one of the girls shut it tight with her hand - and now the slave has to swallow every piece of shit!

You are my slave! And you have to do whatever I want you to do! And there is one thing I want you to do NOW. Lay down on the ground of the bathroom! And do it fast because I can't hold it any longer. Are you ready? For what you ask me with eyes wide open? That doesn't matter, just relax and look at my nice pussy and asshole. You wonder why my asshole is spreading? It's exactly because of you - you will have to eat a lot of shit now!

Happy birthday! How do you feel today? This is YOUR day! And you will get a special treatment, that's sure! Do you want to know what I'm going to give you? My gift is a very personal one! It will come from heart. Or better: from my stomach! This shit on a plate is all for you! And I'm going to feed you - only the best treatment for my best slave! :D

You had a clear and easy mission - but you failed again! So we have no other choice than to torture you! And we have something very dirty for you. You will have to drink a lot of pee! And of course you also have to eat some shit. How does my asshole look like? Are you going to become horny? But don't forget this nice dilator we use to torture your dick! So better stop feeling horny and just eat the shit in your mouth!

Messalina is back again! And she has some new shit for you like always! Are you still horny to find out what happens now? Messalina and her sissy are in her office room. She takes a seat on the office chair and starts to relax. But then she realize that she has to shit! Luckily her sissy and human toilet is thankful for another scat eating! He opens the mouth, get some pee and a nice sausage right into it! That's Messalina the way we like her!

Lady Amy ate a lot! And she has to shit very soon. But luckily there is a human toilet near she can use to empty her stomach. First she pees into the mouth of the toilet slave. But then she poops right into his mouth! Because Lady Amy's shit is so soft it can completely fill his mouth! But it seems that it is not enough! Lady Sandy walks to the toilet and also drops a huge pile of shit on the scat of Lady Amy. And then Lady Grace has to shit too! This is a lot of shit for the slave...!

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