Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 15

Let's teach her smoking slave something new! The scat queen introduces him to her new chair. When she sits down, she can easily shit through the huge hole in it, and when her slave's lying under it, he can directly take the shit out of her asshole. He just needs to keep his mouth opened. Seems that he's excited about it, and as a little reward his Mistress blows the smoke of her after-shit cigarette into his face.

This slave will soon learn, that this is gonna be his lucky day! Because he gets a double treatment from his divine Mistress Gaia AND is allowed to play with his cock. But he's only allowed to cum on her command. Until then he receives some shit of his goddess while he's lying on the floor. Mistress Gaia drops it directly in his mouth. Then she dominates him with her feet during his own handjob.

This dirty pig needs some extra treatment, and I want him to eat all my shit! It's sooo nasty and stinky, and he's not amused by the amount and the smell, but I really don't care. I love to humiliate him so much. I beat him with my whip and trample on his cock with my extra sexy, black high heels to make this session perfect. Hope that he keeps my floor clean, otherwise I know which punishment he'll receive next.

This Asian mistress is as mean as they come. She thought that her slaves were having it easy in her house and she wanted to show them that it was not the paradise they thought it was. So she cooked some food and added some sauce mixed with her shit. She then made them eat and finish all of it. She did not care that it was not healthy and that it was deeply humiliating and degrading.

Princess Nikki met this guy who was into scat fetish like she was. They clicked right away and by the end of the day they wanted to indulge in some fun together. The guy watched as she shit on a plate on top of the coffee table and then she fed the shit to him. He did not have any problem eating her shit. She was hot and he knew it would turn him and her on.

Mistress Isabella was tired of the never ending excuses from her contractor. She wanted an end to it and she was ready to cut her losses. Before she did, she called him to her place and as she listened to another excuse, she knew she couldn't take it anymore. She caught him by surprise and pinned him on the floor and made him lick and eat her shit. She pooped directly into his mouth.

This slave is not the sharpest tool in the box. And the mistress wanted to punish him one last time before sending him away. She improvised a toilet seat and made him lie with his mouth facing upwards. She sat on it and shit into his mouth. She told him to make sure that none of her shit fell on the floor. Then she had him lick her clean. He was her toilet paper.

When Erin and Gina found out that they were being played by the same person, they were mad. Pretty mad. And they planned to teach the son of a bitch a lesson he will never forget. Gina invited him to her house and when he reached there, he found both of them. He couldn't escape. They used a special toilet seat made just for him to shit on his face and make him eat and swallow the shit.

When Goddess Amirha plans something, she does so meticulously. She does not like anything to go wrong with her plan. She was planning to humiliate her landlord before she vacated her place. And that is what she did. She even went ahead and made a toilet bench which she placed his face when she invited him to come and check out fake complaints she had. Then she facesat on him and made him eat her shit.

Mystress T is one of the most cruel mistresses out there. She does what others do but she does it in an even meaner way. When she wants a slave or a loser or anyone she is punishing to eat her shit, she does not bother to squat and do it like she is in a toilet. She makes the slave eat it with his or her mouth directly from her anus.

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