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Lady Joice is an easy going mistress but she does not like it when someone messes with her. Today she punished and tortured this slave for what he had done to her. She did not appreciate a slave lying to her and she had to make sure it never happened again. She took the slave to her garage where she whipped his naked butt and turned him into her human toilet and forced him to eat shit.

Lady Yuna wanted to send a crazy and cruel message to her slave. She wanted to punish him and show him that she was not going to tolerate his nonsense. She decided to use poo. She shit on him and she made sure he ate all of it and that he masturbated while he ate her shit. She did not care how cruel it was. She was only concerned with the lessons.

Mistress Anna wanted to find out how obedient her slave was. She knew if she gave him a light assignment, he would do it. So she gave him a challenging one to see what he would do. She asked him to eat her shit and he hesitated. She told him the consequences would be dire if he did not and the guy agreed to be used as a human toilet and to eat shit.

Goddess Amirha is a kinky mistress. She likes to have crazy and weird fun and today before she had sex with this guy, she decided to try him. She wanted him to eat her shit and the guy did it although he was shocked and hesitated at first. She was turned on when he did that and the two of them had some crazy time doing nasty things to each other.

This mistress had been pushed to the limit by her slave. She is one mistress who gives second chances. And when she realized that her slave was not changing despite giving him numerous chances, she knew she had to try something else. And since she did not want to keep punishing him all the time, she did one crazy thing to send a message for him once and for all. She shit on him and used him as a toilet slave and human toilet. He ate her shit and swallowed it and that sent the intended message to him.

Mistress Alina loves playing with shit more than she does anything else. She has a shit fetish and she enjoys using it to have fun or to humiliate someone else depending on the existing circumstances. Today she wanted to use her shit to punish this loser for attempting to con her. She forced him to eat her shit and swallow it as she watched to make sure he did everything she told him to.

Miss Cherie felt hatred towards this guy and she had to torture him. She did not want to use pain so she decided to torture him emotionally and psychologically. She settled on shit and she used it to humiliate him. She made him eat her shit and she forced him to not only chew it, but to swallow it as well. She also used his tongue as her toilet paper.

This mistress wanted to get some information from this loser. She wanted some crucial information and she did not have time to look for it elsewhere. She had to get it from this loser and she did by humiliating him. She facesat on him without her panties on and she made him eat her shit and drink her pee. The degraded and humiliated guy gave her what she asked for.

Mistress Gaia wanted to humiliate her slave to send a message that she is not one to mess with. The slave was new and she wanted it always be a reminder to him that if he ever messed up, he would have to deal with her. So she made him eat her shit and swallow it before she trampled him. She knew that was enough to send the message she wanted to put across.

Mistress Roxy likes to try new things but the one thing she had never tried was scat fetish. Whenever she wanted to try it, she found herself postponing it. Today she decided to go through with it and brave the smell and the nastiness of it all. She smoked as she used an improvised seat to shit on her slave and watch him eat the shit. She smoked as she watched him painfully eat the shit.

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