Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 26

Princess Nikki is a naughty mistress who can try anything she wants and she feels like. Today she wanted to try scat fetish so she spoke to her friend Nasty Khalifa to lend her a slave since she did not have one at the moment. Her friend agreed and she had fun pissing on the slave and shitting on him. She in fact shit into his mouth and had him eat the shit.

Mistress Alina had punished her slave using other methods but she had never tried scat fetish on him. When she realized he was used to the other methods, she knew it was time to get out the nuclear option. She forced him to eat her shit as punishment and for the first time in a long time, she knew it had gotten to him and he was shaken. He learned his lesson.

This mistress hunted down this loser and found him in the hospital. She went and explained to the nurses what he had done and they were pissed as well. They even helped him punish her. They gave her cover as she facesat on the patient and shit on him. She tortured him and to make it worse, she rubbed her clit on his face till she came yet he was nearly suffocating.

Mistress Milana wanted to have fun at the expense of this guy. She lured him with her flirting but then she made him eat her shit when he had taken the bait. She did not care what he felt. All she wanted was to try shit fetish and now she had someone to do it with. The guy had to eat and swallow the shit before she allowed him to go.

Mistress Emily was told what her slave had done and she was not happy about it. She did not even bother to ask him as she had been shown evidence and she knew it was true. She went to where he was and she ordered him to eat her shit and after he was done eating her shit, she told him what he had done and told him never to do it again.

Mistress Cherie does not like slaves who are not disciplined. She was tired of trying to correct her slave every now and then had to make sure he took some initiative to correct some of his behavior. To give him an incentive to do it, she shit on him and had him eat and swallow it. She told him she would do it for as long as he did not show initiative.

Mistress Rosella gets easily bored. Of all things, today she got bored of her toilet and she felt like getting another one. Before she could do that, she decided to test a new kind of toilet. She turned her slave into her human toilet and she had fun shitting on him. She enjoyed as he ate her shit and swallowed it and she felt great that she had not wasted her shit.

When it comes to punishing slaves and losers, this mistress uses the offended part for punishment. When this guy told her she was full of shit and made fun of her ass, she used her ass and her shit to punish him. She made the guy eat her shit and swallow it and she did not care what would happen to him. He was shocked and he never made fun of anyone ever again.

Mistress Tina and princess Nikki had to punish this loser. He had tried to interfere with their activities just because he had a position of authority and they were not happy with him. They had to show him they would not be messed with so the mistresses forced him to eat shit and he had to drink their pee as well. He was degraded and made to learn a crucial lesson.

Mistress Anna could not believe that her slave had betrayed her. She was angry and she did not care what she did to him. She wanted to make sure that her anger was communicated to him and he knew what he had done and the price he had to pay. She turned him into a human toilet and shit on him. He had to eat the shit and swallow it and she made sure he did.

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