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Mistress Victoria did not want this loser to share with the world what he had seen from her. And she knew the best way to do it was to torture him and to make sure he was scared enough not to say anything. So she forced the poor guy to eat her shit and once he did, he realized she was serious and he kept his mouth shut so as not to get another torture session.

Mistress Gaia knew that this guy was not easy to deal with and she did not want to have a drawn-out process when dealing with him. She chose a shortcut and it involved turning him into a human toilet. She made him eat her shit and she also had him drink her urine and once she had scared the shit out of him, she made him do what she wanted. He did not know what she wanted before she had tortured and humiliated him.

This mistress felt that he was being taken for a ride by her neighbor. She was fed up and she had to give him a piece of her mind. She did so cruelly by pretending to tease him. She touched herself and turned him on. She was doing so to disarm him and when she had succeeded, she turned on him and she made him her human toilet. He ate poo and drank pee.

Lady Bianca and her friend lady Delunatic did not want to let this loser get away with the crime he had committed. The mistresses did not want anyone else to do the same thing so they made him an example to the rest. They turned him into a toilet slave and used femdom toilet fetish to degrade him. He was forced to eat and swallow poo and pee while the mistresses made out.

Mistress Jennifer likes to feed guys her shit. That is because she is the kind of mistress who does not like to beat about the bush or to give gradual punishments. She likes to do something that will be effective right away. And that is how she managed to torture this loser and get him to never repeat the mistake he had made. Besides shitting on him, she also gave him a painful footjob using her heels.

Lady Biac is never afraid to do crazy things. She actually loves doing them and today she got the chance to try out some crazy things she had been planning to do. She made this loser eat her shit. When she learned he was a loser, she quickly took him to her place and she dominated him. She made him eat poo directly from her asshole before he could even figure out what was happening.

This mistress wanted her student to be more serious than she felt he was being. She had tried to talk to him but he did not change. And she had to do something. So she tied him up and she turned him into her human toilet. She used her femdom toilet fetish to punish him and he had to eat her shit. She fed it to him and made him drink her pee and that is how he learned his lesson.

Mistress Anna had always wanted to try shit fetish. All that she needed was a chance to do it. She had never had a chance as her slave rarely messed up and when he did, it was little mistakes that she could not use to shit on him. But today he fucked up big time and she used that chance to shit on him and the poor guy was forced to chew and swallow her poo.

When it comes to teaching guys a lesson, few mistresses do it as well as this mistress can. When she learned her slave was picking up some bad behaviors and being with wrong company, she knew she had to do something drastic. She turned her slave into a human toilet for a few days and had him eat her poo and drink her pee. That did the trick and he stopped.

Madame Du B did not want to let her slave get away with what he had done. He had stolen from her and hoped she would not notice but she did. She did not want to live in the same house with a thief so she punished him as cruelly as she was able to. She used her poop to do it and the slave never stole from her again.

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