Femdom Toilet - Cruel toilet mistresses use their slaves - Page 31

The girls put up a little pool for their slave to lie down in while they're having a party. They're drinking, smoking and chatting - and of course they need to pee in between - luckily they've their human toilet right there with them. They simply get into the pool, stand above their slave and order him to open his mouth wide - then piss right into his toilet mouth!

This petite girl sits down on the toilet chair - with her slave already in position underneath. First she pees into his mouth for a long time - then the scat action starts. A giant turd is coming out of her petite butt - it's so wide and long the slave can barely grab it with his wide-open mouth. Of course he needs to swallow all of it as another turd is coming right after!

Lady Chantal orders her money slave to come into her play room completely naked. After he pays her the weekly tribute he gets a special treat. She makes him lick her feet at first - then orders him to lie down on the ground and squats over his face. She dumps a massive load of shit into his open mouth and makes him eat all of it. When he can't take it anymore she uses her high heel shoes to shove the scat down his throat!

Goddess Milena just got back from her Zumba workout - and she desperately needs to take a shit. She orders her slave to lie down and squats over his face. She starts to push out a massive load of soft shit immediately and quickly covers his whole ugly face with her divine shit. She verbally humiliates this poor fucker to make it even worse for him. Will she make him eat her scat as well?!

Damn, Cory Chase is really hot - unfortunately the only use she has for you is to serve her as a human toilet! Yeah, right, she's going to piss and shit into your mouth! Now you're lying under her toilet chair and get a great view of her sexy ass and pussy - then she starts to piss. she orders you to swallow all of her golden nectar before the real action starts. She hasn't taken a shit in 3 days - so open wide - there's a huge load of scat coming for you!

Padrona Isabella demands that her slaves fulfill a 24/7 service - that includes serving her as a human toilet. The squats over the slave's head in the kitchen and immediately drops a long stinky turd into his wide-open mouth. She hasn't used a toilet in over 48 hours and the slave gets a massive amount of scat from his mistress. After wiping her gorgeous ass she makes sure the slave swallows all of her human waste and thanks her for this gift!

This is Lady Bella's first scat femdom clip - and it's a great one! She mounted a plank over the slave's chest and sits down on it - her ass is right above the slave's head! You can see her gorgeous bubble butt and see her hot stinky shit dropping into the slave's mouth right from the source! Of course she makes her filthy human toilet swallow all of it!

This toilet slave is ordered to get on his knees behind mistress Angy. She orders him to lick her feet first, then her pussy and finally her asshole. She enjoys the rim job, enjoys feeling the slave's tongue pressing against her tight asshole - but she has further plans with her slave today! She suddenly tells him to open his mouth wide and press is against her butthole - then she releases a big pile of soft poop into her slave's mouth!

This black toilet slave is having another "dinner date" with chubby mistress Meagan. She makes him lie down under her toilet chair as she slams her bubble butt down on it. He has to open his mouth wide as she starts to shit right into it! The slave clearly didn't expect that huge of a shit and has serious problems swallowing the massive stinky dump his mistress gives to him!

Mistress Scatha build herself a new fun toy - a toilet chair! She makes her dirty slave lie down under the seat of her toilet slave and then sits down on top of it. She unloads a massive amount of shit right into the slave's mouth, but he isn't capable of swallowing that massive amount and Scatha's shit piles up on his mouth. After wiping her ass she gets up and uses an old cooking spoon to force her shit down the slave's throat!

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